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If you are a physics student and expert in physics theories, just test your knowledge of gravity, friction and slope in Hello Stars to know where you stand in Physics. Hello Stars is a very interesting 2D game related to the physics theories in different puzzles. This classic brain teaser game has been developed by Fastone Games. You need to experience the theories practically by experimenting with the real friction, the real slope and gravitational pull of the objects. You need to solve the puzzles by using the real theories related to these objects.

Hello Stars

Hello Stars Features

It brings very interesting puzzles for the gamers who love the scientific theories of physics. You will find the few initial levels very easy, but gradually they become difficult and you need a true knowledge of physics to cover them up.

There are many ways to solve every puzzle. If you find out a way on the online resources to solve it, that is not the only way. Just use your brain and solve the puzzle in your own way to prove the sharpness of your brain.

The game comes with hundreds of puzzles while many other levels are going to be introduced soon.

It is the best brain teaser that is not only interesting for the students of physics but also suits the people of all ages. The only thing you needed in the game is to know the physics theories and the use of shapes like a pulley, lever, and other gadgets in depth to solve all the levels easily.

All the levels do not come with the same kind of solution. You need to adopt a flexible thinking to become victorious.

At the end of every level, you will find the solution to every puzzle. Just accept the challenge to solve the puzzle and test your brain.

Hello Stars apk File Information

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How to Download & Install Hello Stars

Once you have downloaded the file, just tap the option “Install” at the bottom of the screen.

It starts the installation. Wait for a while.

Once it is over, you will receive the confirmation message that you have installed the “Hello Stars” successfully. Tap “Open” to launch the game.

Hello Stars Main Page

Enjoy playing it and solving all the puzzles with physics shapes and principles.

Hello Stars MOD apk

With the launch of Hello Stars official version, there exists Hello Stars MOD apk version for the players. It is not an illegal version of the game. It is just a modified version where you will find all of the levels unlocked and you receive some rewards. Some levels have been added by the players in the game. So, the modified version of Hello Stars is also very interesting to play.

How to Play Hello Stars

You are given a rolling ball and you will guide the ball to touch all the stars available in the same level. The ball and other objects in the puzzle settings work on the basis of gravitational pull. If you fail, you need to try all of the basic theories one followed by the other to get a solution to the puzzle.