Boxing Star apk for Android/iOS – Mod apk with Data + OBB

Boxing Star is a very interesting boxing game by FFT. The game invites you to accept the boxing challenge and come to the ring to compete with the best boxers around the world. You need cunning moves and skills to get victory over your opponent. Let’s see the prominent features of this addictive game.

Boxing Star Competition

Salient Features of the Boxing Star

It is available for different platforms including the iOS devices and Android devices.

You get the option to create your own boxer and you send him to the fight club to build the career. You can create your boxer’s competitions with other boxers and earn point money in the form of S-coins or gold. Just customize your boxer as you want. You can customize the skin colour, dressing, tattoos, hairstyle and even the accessories of your character.

The game comes with hip-hop music that keeps the boxers pumped throughout the game. The music is elemental and keeps them warm up during the entire gaming session.

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There are two modes of the game: League and Story. The League is a more complicated mode to handle for a beginner. At the start of the game, you are a lower fighter namely a street fighter. But you have to make your passage in the rush and win the competitions towards the World Championship. It becomes very difficult when you go to the higher levels as the journey becomes very difficult.

There are hundreds of competitions you need to win. You need to use your skills in all of them. In a few initial competitions, you will feel no difficulty. However, the difficulty level increases gradually. This game is surely for the people who love challenges and struggle in the life.

The graphics of the game are very impressive. You can enjoy the real competitions with the real boxers of the world. You never feel like playing the game.

Boxing Star Hitting

If you want to change the gear, the option is available in this edition of the game. Earlier, there was no option for the boxers to change their gears.

File Information

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How to Download & Install Boxing Star

Now tap the downloaded link to start the installation process. Once you tap the link, you see the option “Install.” Just select it and wait for a while until the installation is over.

Now, tap the option “Open” to launch the game.

Here it starts. Enjoy your favorite game as long as you desire.

Download boxing star app below:

Tips and Cheats to Win the Game

If you are a beginner, you need to concentrate on the story mode. It is very important. When you complete this mode successfully, you get different rewards that are quite important to increase your stats and level.

You should restore your HP and create a defensive shield by pressing the Defense button for a longer time. This button lies on the left side at the bottom of the screen. When you keep pressing this icon for a longer time, it creates a defensive shield between your boxer and the enemy. Thus, the enemy is not able to attack you. If you have a lower HP, just keep pressing the Defense button for a longer time, it will increase the HP.

You need to focus on the movements of the opponent. It doesn’t matter that your enemy is a powerful boxer and he has more level of HP than yours. Just keep watching the movements of your enemy and use the dodge technique at the right time. You will find two dodge buttons at the bottom in the left and in the right corners. Use these buttons at the right time to lessen the power of the opponent.

When your enemy hits you, your hyper skill is automatically activated. When you are in the ring, you will at the top of the screen there is an HP bar. Just below this bar, you can notice the hyper bar. So, with one hit, you need to quickly press the defense button to use your hyper skills. When it is fully used, you can use the “Glove’s skill.” So, you should not hit the enemy at first. Just wait and let your opponent hit you first.

Power up Skills and Gears

Don’t ignore the victory package while you are rising up. When you earn the victory points at the defeat of every player, you will get a victory package option. Just go to the main screen after 3000 points and see at the right side where you will find a victory package option. Just select this option and launch the victory package. It gives you the latest gears, coins, rewards and many other valuable things.

When you get a victory in various competitions, you need to share your success with your friends on Facebook. It gives you gold as a reward. So, don’t forget to get this reward. Connect the game with the social networking site and share your success with others.

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