Bumper.io game apk for Android – Download Latest Version here

Bumper.io is a very interesting game that was initially released for iOS devices. But later, it became immensely popular among the players and the Android users also demanded this addictive game. Well! It is also available for Android users now. You can download and play it on your Android phone or tablet now. It is not a keyboard game. It is played with the help of mouse. So, you need agility and an active use of the mouse to play the game well.


Salient Features of Bumper.io

It is a fun game where you are given a marble bumper and you knock other bumpers off the stage to win the game. This is how you continue winning each level. Eat ice cream to get more health and strength. Accept the challenge of other players and play actively to knock out all bumpers from the stage.

The game is regularly updated and you do not need to install any update manually. It is automatically installed when you turn on the WiFi or mobile data.

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The game is available for not only iOS devices but also for Android phones and tablets. So, the Android users can also enjoy this game on their Android phones.

On completing every level, you are given some rewards and points money. However, there are some rewards you can shop with the hard money.

Bumper.io Fights

You can change the skin color of your marble and even the design too can be changed. The developers are adding some special skins to the game with every update. These special skins are very powerful and they can unlock various rewards in the game. So, after installing an update, you need to check the update logs to confirm if any special skin has been included in the update or not.

It has been designed for the younger kids aged 12+ as it is a fighting game where you face challenging situations. You also need mild medical treatment information to recover your marble from injuries. The game is not for the kids of below 12 years as it stimulates gambling or fighting.

File Information

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How to Download & Install Bumper.io

Just use the button given below to download the Bumper.io apk on your Android device.

Make sure you have “Enabled” the option “Unknown Resources” from the Settings. If it is still disabled, you cannot install this game on your Android device.

Now, you need to have some patience as the file size is a bit larger and it will take some time to download. Once the downloading is over, tap the downloaded link and select the “Install” option.

Wait for a while until the game is installed. It will show you an option “Open.” Just tap this option to launch the game.

Bumper.io Marbles

So, enjoy your favorite game with unlimited rewards, money and points.

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