Game of Sultans apk for Android/iOS – Mod apk with tips and cheats

Power is an utmost desire of every person, so is yours. Game of Sultans gives you an opportunity to fulfill your desire and rule like a sultan of the Ottoman Empire. You can rule the most important parts of the world including Europe and the Middle East. This addictive game truly keeps you mesmerized for all time. It does not let you blink your eye for one moment. All the time you remain busy in brutal wars, consulting with the wisest viziers in the history and in flirtation romances with the prettiest girls. You fulfill your desire to manage the empire and political treason all the time.

Game of Sultans apk

Salient Features of Game of Sultans

It comes with a lot of salient features. Let’s find out some of them.

Be a Sultan

You experience the entire Ottoman Empire is obeying your commands. You follow the best strategies to win the battles and to fight with your enemies. The whole empire is at your command. You are all in all to make them or to destroy them.

Build Your Harem

A large number of beautiful queens are at your service all the time. You can romance with the most beautiful ladies in the world and you can add them into your harem. So, build your harem with the awe-inspiring ladies of the world and enjoy flirting romance with them. It gives you the best moments of leisure.

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Raise Your Royal Family

You raise your royal family. You remain a kind and supreme guardian from the childbirth to the marriages of your children. You can raise them in the truly royal sense. You arrange the marriage ceremonies of your children as you like and thus, you enjoy the art of creation and your abilities of management in the best way.

Join Worldwide Players

You fight with your enemies and against other empires of the world and join the players from all over the world. You can play the game with other players and thus, use your best strategies to be a real-life sultan. You can play the game with your friends and even with the unknown players from all over the world.

Wisest Viziers for Sultan

Overcome Treason

When the Grand Sultan dies, you get the opportunity to become Sultan. You have new challenges to overcome. You face the treason here and there in the empire and you also need to defeat your opponent kings from other lands. You expand the borders of your empire by adding more states to your empire. Thus, you face different challenging situations and you remain busy in different activities.

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How to Download & Install Game of Sultans apk

The game is really very addictive and does not let you blink your eye for once while you are playing it. You can download the apk of this game by using the “Download” button at the bottom of the page.

Once the download is over, you get the confirmation message. Tap the “Open” option to go to the downloaded apk link.

Tap the apk file to start the installation. It shows you the “Install” option at the bottom of the screen. Just tap this option to move ahead.

Wait for a while until it is over. At the beginning of the game you need to add your “Gender” and “Age” and that’s it. Start playing the game and enjoy the game being a Sultan of the magnificent Ottoman Empire.

Tips and Tricks to Win Game of Sultans

Game of Sultans comes attracts your attention in multiple sides. You need to pay attention to each aspect of the game to gain more and more points. You can win the game if you play cunningly. However, there are some tips and tricks you can follow to get higher points. Here they are.

When you start the game, you should select the Campaign mode. Here, you need to level up the Sultan to get access to the latest features and other restricted aspects of the game. You can level up the Sultan only by defeating your enemies faster.

Magnificent Game of Sultans

When you are playing the game, you often forget to use the free resources and rewards. You need to use them to get higher points. On the game screen, you will see the backpack option. Just tap to this option and select the “List of Items” from here. It shows you the list of different rewards you can use. Just use the jewelry to consort the Harem to enhance the beauty level of Harem. It automatically increases your points faster. You will find here XP boosters and books etc. You can use these books to reward your Viziers and thus, you increase your Sultan’s level.

On your game screen, there appears a “Lamp” on the right side. When you light it up, you get the points. So, don’t forget to light up the lamp.

Try to win the combats and fights to get soldiers, grains and gold tablets. Follow the right strategy to win the game and to become the Grand Sultan.

Collecting levy on a regular basis can give your points a fast boost. So, don’t forget to collect the levy while playing the game. It is necessary to spare none for collecting levy. It increases your point money rapidly.

You get fast points when you meet new people all around you. So, the best place to meet the people is Masquerade. You need to visit here on a regular basis to meet the people with newer tastes.

When your heirs have grown-ups, you need to promote them properly. You need to develop them up to get good points rapidly.

Select the wisest Viziers for the consultancy in State matters. You need to upgrade their skills and to send them academy to learn the good governance skills. You can level up their knowledge and skills and let them go to the academy. It gives you good points rapidly.

Hunting the animals at Frontier gives you the desired points in no time. So, you need to let the Viziers hunt the animals. In return, you get gold, points and rewards. You can use these rewards to adorn your Viziers with different jewels.

Another way to increase the rewards and point money is to deal with the state matters properly. If there is treason, just tackle with it. If you have a famine or any other disaster that dawns upon your state, just tackle with it wisely and get higher points quickly.

Food Fantasy apk for Android with Tips and Tricks to Win

It is a kind of the best Restaurant management game that gives you a chance to establish your own restaurant. You open a world-class restaurant and introduce a variety of food items there. Hire new staff to manage your restaurant and discover a wide range of food recipes known as Food Souls in the game and show your abilities to manage the restaurant properly. The game developers “The Evil Fallen Angel Invasion” introduced this addictive and fun game with a lot of amazing features you enjoy while playing the game.

Food Fantasy Restaurant Creation

Salient Features of Food Fantasy

Let’s explore the salient features of this fun game to know in-depth about it.

It is a food inspired game where you need to collect a variety of food recipes from all around the world with unique traits and looks. The exotic taste of these recipes gives you a real mouth-watering feel. A lot of food souls (live characters in the game) including Boston Lobster, Cappuccino, Spaghetti, Spanish omelette and much more is waiting for you.

The game comes with Research and Creation feature. You do research and discover new dishes by using the experimental power. There are a variety of things you can take part to move ahead. The game builds your talent and skills related to the restaurant management. You show your expertise in summoning the food souls and discovering the new food souls. You need to collect as much food souls as you can. It gives you good points and rewards.

You have the chance to create your own restaurant with unique features. You can introduce there a wide range of recipes from around the world. You can customize the presentation and decoration of your restaurant. You can customize the furniture, settings and order of the furniture to bring a new harmony in the place. So, be an owner of a 5-star restaurant and enjoy a perfect management.

Food Souls

You will find the voiceovers the food souls by the renowned Japanese voice actors: Natsuki Hanae, Ayane, Miyuki and Kensho Ono, etc. These talented voice actors effuse a new soul into these food souls and made them live characters.

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There are a lot of food combos that turn your restaurant into the battlefield. These combinations include Coffee & Milk, Chocolate & Tiramisu, Red Wine & Steak and many more mouth-watering combos. These combinations keep you busy all the time by turning your 5-star restaurant into a battlefield and you remain busy in managing the combinations properly.

The game is absolutely free to download. However, there are some game items you can purchase with the real money. If you believe in your skills and abilities and you do not intend to use this option, just enable “Password Protection” for in-app purchasing.

You can download and play the game if you are 12 years of age or above. If you are below 12 years, according to the terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you can’t download it.

When you try to download this game, it asks your permission to read your SD card’s content. If you do not grant permission, you can’t download it.

File Information

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How to Download & Install Food Fantasy apk

Food Fantasy is available in apk for your Android phone and tablet. You can play it in landscape mode on both the devices. Just follow the instructions below to download and Install this addictive game.

Click the “Download” button at the bottom of the page to start the downloading process.

The file size is 77MB and it takes a bit time to complete the downloading process. So, you need to have some patience for a while.

Once, the download is over, open the Downloads and tap the downloaded apk of the game. It shows you an option “Install” at the bottom of the page. Just tap this option to move ahead.

Now it will start the installation process. Once it is over, tap “Open” that appears on the screen and the game launches here. Enjoy playing the game.

Food Fantasy Tips and Tricks to Win

When you try to farm different ingredients, you fight against your opponents. Every battle is not an easy task to win. As you proceed, it becomes almost impossible to get 3 stars on every level. So, you need to follow some tips and techniques to win the game and to defeat your opponents.

First of all, you need to constitute a strong team of food souls. This team should consist of the rare combinations. You need to increase the skill. Fallen angels play a vital part in this context. You can select them to get a bonus.

When you start the game, you receive a free UR Rank food soul. You need to increase its power and claim it within 20 days. See on the main page. You will find the Benefits option on the top right corner. Tap this option to check the list of targets to achieve for claiming the UR Rank food soul.

You need to join the game if you have enhanced cooking skills and talent. If you do not know about kitchen and cooking, you should not try this game at all. A worse cooking skill can damage the influential power of food souls and thus, you get no points with a damaged skill.

Food Management

You also need to eradicate the Fallen Angels in the game. The Fallen Angels are basically live characters with villainous characteristics. They try to interrupt your business now and then. They try to destroy everything you have built. So, you need to destroy these villainous characters. Two big names among them are Binge and Gluttony. You have to fight with them to save your restaurant and it gives you high points if you kill Gluttony and Binge. The eradication of other bad forces also matters, but your major aim should be to kill these bigger monsters.

If you keep upgrading your restaurant, it will increase your profit. You need to change the settings in a novel way. Just change the theme of the restaurant and add more attraction to the environment. You need to play wisely to unlock higher levels and thus, keep winning.

In Food Souls, try to collect the precious ones to get a high score. Milk, Lobster and Steak give you high points as they are considered heroes of the game. So, you need to collect them for a high score.

Farm wisely on every level of the game. For example, if you are playing the initial levels, from 1st to 3rd level, you get good points if you farm pork belly and potatoes because you need these two ingredients in these levels. So, you need to farm the ingredients that are important for that level. If you grow irrelevant ingredients, it will not give you any points.

There are some tip points you get when you give service to your customers. These are small points you get from them and you waste them. You can spend them in buying small ingredients. Just spend these points to buy the magic bottle, spirit, syringe and shards of the character, etc. These small items keep high worth in the game when you need to apply on the injuries after a combat.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds apk for Android/Pc/iOS – Latest

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds makes you a secret agent who has a mission impossible with the real battles and the real weapons. You will enjoy playing this thrilling and action game every moment. Be ready to alight on an island where you have to defeat your opponents and you will take every possible step to survive.

PUBG's New Desert

Salient Features of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground

Let’s move to the salient features to know what this addictive game has brought for you.

Be the one among 100 players who have been parachuted on a small island. You need to search your weapons and vehicles to defeat your 99 opponents. The 8×8 km island starts shrinking and you are at such shrinking island to win the battle by defeating other players. If you survive after killing every opponent, you win the game.

The graphics of the game are high-quality. The Unreal Engine 4 shows its full strength and creates the true to life visual experience. The real visuals of the action do not let you blink your eyes. The HD quality audio creates 3D sound effects to make you really involved in the game.

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You have a variety of vehicles you can use to look for your rival players. You can use cars, trucks, motorbike or even the boats to search for them everywhere. You can customize these vehicles as per your needs. Just find them out, fight with them and kill them skillfully. Make sure your enemy does not attack your weapons. Just kill them and be the last survivor on the island to stand as a winner of the game.

Available Vehicles in PUBG

The game allows you to team up with your mates. If you want to play the game online, your friends can join your team and you can play the game in Squad mode. Just invite your friends and constitute your squad. You can plan with them to win the battle by using the Voice Chat feature of the game. So, build your own team to beat your friends and enjoy the winning position.

The game comes with a fair environment and you enjoy the game in an anti-cheat environment. It contains an anti-cheat mechanism that is very powerful and does not let you or your opponents cheat each other. However, you can use strategies to win the game. But the environment is cheat-free and fair.

It is not just a game. You feel that you have become a better planner and your observation is going to be polished. So, the game polishes your skills and abilities. You become keener observer with a better planning for an event.

Tips and Tricks to Win PlayerUnknown’s Battleground

Although the game comes with a powerful mechanism to stop cheats. However, there are some strategies and tricks you can use to win the game. Here they are. Read them thoroughly and understand them well before starting the game to ensure your success.

When you are on the plane, you need to select a place where you will land. Here, you should avoid selecting a populated area such as a big town or city. Just select a safe little place where you can loot some equipment safely, after all, your safety is most important in the game.

If you are playing in “Pre-game” mode, just run barefooted. If you are running with the shoes on, the running will make a noise that will warn your enemies and they will be alert. So, be quiet and run safely on the ground to remain unnoticeable by your enemies.

Don’t waste your time in refueling your vehicle in a static condition. If you want to refuel your car while it is going on, just right-click the canister and it will do the rest.

If you are playing in the “Squad” mode, just mark the map and give every direction a number to make your team understand where they need to go. Moreover, you need to set the voice chat in “Party-only” mode. If you do not use this feature, you will overhear the enemy voices too and all voices will start mingling up without making a sense.

Remember! There are not two types of aiming. You can hit your enemies with three types of aiming. The first one is the Hip fire that can be done by keep pressing the right mouse button. The second one is called ADS i.e. aiming down sights. Just tap the right mouse-button for once to use it. Another aiming is used by pressing the left-click.

War Mode in PUBG

You need to behave very cunningly in the game. When the game starts, all doors are closed. If a door is not closed, it means someone has gone through it. So, when you leave a place, shut the door behind you to dodge others that nobody is there.

Initially, do not search for the vehicles. Just look for the AR rifles, a bulletproof vest, helmet to protect yourself from head injuries and some medical stuff to heal up the injuries. Later, you can search for some more stuff.

You can bait the people with a simple trick. If someone is coming towards a closed door and you are behind it, just leave the loot there on the floor. When your enemy comes in to grab your stuff, just shoot him in the back. It saves your time and gives you points in less time.

You need to use the vehicles wisely. It is good to cover the large distance with the help of a vehicle in a short time. But the noise from driving them can draw the attention of other people and they will be warned. So, be safe and use them until it is unavoidable.

Remember! If you know the important hotkeys and controls, there will be no hindrance in your way to success. So, before starting the game, you and your friends need to memorize important hotkeys and controls. For example, when you are parachuting from the plane, you need to know that you can look around without moving your body by pressing “Alt” on the keyboard and by pressing the RB on Xbox. In the same way, remember all the important controls and win the game.

File Information

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How to Download & Install PlayerUnknow’s Battleground apk

Click the button given at the end of the page to start the downloading process of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground.

The file size is 88MB and it takes some minutes or so in downloading. So, wait for a while and have some patience.

(Make sure you have “Enabled” the Unknown Resources option from the Settings of your phone. Otherwise, you can’t install it)

When it is over, just tap the downloaded link and tap “Install” at the bottom of the page.

It will start the installation process.

It takes a couple of minutes. Tap “Open” to launch the game. Here is your favorite game. Enjoy playing it in your favorite mode to beat your enemies.

Download Dragon Ball Legends apk for Android/iOS/PC – Latest Version

Get ready for this 3D high-quality game to enjoy 1 on 1 action against your opponents all around the world. You are going to enjoy the real battles and combats with the rival enemies. What you need to start the game is just to power up your hero to make him ready for crushing your opponents. The game comes with the real charm of the competitions and fights.

Dragon Ball Legend

Salient Features of Dragon Ball Legends

The game comes with a 3D environment that creates a real environment for the players. It makes you feel like you are not playing a game. Instead, you realize that everything happens in the game is happening really around you. In other words, you become a part of the game environment.

Make sure you are not going to play a typical fighting game. It is based on the cards battle. Your hero comes with 5 cards. You need to select the right card cunningly. These cards include Melee, Ultimate, Special, Ranged and Support. You need to select a card to fight with your opponent cleverly.

Your favorite character Goku is here to provide you with a lot of adventurous battles and you need to support him in winning from his opponents.

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The 3D stages of the game contain the character voicing feature to make your amusement doubled. It gives you an amazing experience when you listen to your characters fighting excitedly by uttering different voices and having dialogues with each other.

Fighting Opponents

The Dragon Ball Legends is easy to play and control. You can control the moves with comfort. The fighter moves are based on the cards and you can make him more indulged in the fights by using the game controls.

The game is quite free to download and install. However, it comes with some in-app purchases. You can use these in-app purchases to enhance your power and to keep up going ahead towards the rise. The in-app purchases include the purchase of some additional cards, point money, rewards and special moves. However, if you do not want to use them, just go to the settings and disable them.

fully voiced combats

This incredibly interesting game introduces new characters now and then. So, an epic with new characters goes on to the endless success. Keep playing to get an introduction to the new characters. You never feel boredom in this ever-changing combat-environment.

File Information

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How to Download & Install Dragon Ball Legends apk

This sequel of the Dragon Ball Super comes with all of the equipment to boost your energy to crush your opponents. If you want to download this addictive game to your Android phone and tablet without facing any glitch, just follow the instructions below.

Just click the button given below to start the downloading process. It takes a little bit time to complete downloading. So, wait for a while until it reaches 100%.

Once it is over, you need to tap the downloaded link to start the installation process. As you tap the link, it shows you the option “Install” at the bottom of the screen. Just select this option to move ahead.

When it is finished, just tap “Open” to launch your favorite game and get ready to face combats with the advanced card strategies.

Dragon Ball legends for PC

If you are a PC user and you want to play Dragon Ball Legends on a Windows PC, no worries at all. Here, I am going to add two ways to play this addictive game on Windows PC.

Apower Mirror

It is basically a mirroring app that casts the mobile devices to the PC or Laptop type screens. You can use this app to mirror your Android app or game with the PC and thus, you are able to play the game with the help of keyboard and mouse. To run the Android games and apps on Windows PC, you need this tool, a USB cable, your Android phone and a Windows PC. Follow the instructions below to use Apower Mirror.

Click Here to download Apower Mirror on your computer.

You need to download this tool on your Android phone too.

Now, connect your Android phone with PC by using the USB cable. Make sure you have enabled the “USB debugging” option on your Android phone. Just click the “Start Now” option to establish the connection between both the devices. (If you want to create a wireless connection between these devices, just tap the “M” button on the home page of Apower Mirror app in your mobile phone)

While your phone is connected to the PC, open Dragon Ball Legends on the phone and go to the “Keyboard” icon. Tap this icon to “Enable” the Keyboard controls.

You need to tap the radio button to “Change the Default keys” in the device.

Make sure your phone and PC are connected with the same Wi-Fi network as this app requires an active internet connection.

Now, go to the PC and open Apower Mirror. Here, you can see the Dragon Ball Legends mirrors here. Now, change the settings of the screen and enjoy playing this game on your PC by using the keyboard and the mouse.

Nox App Player

It is an Android Emulator that enables you to create an Android-like atmosphere on your Windows PC. This cross-platform tool makes it easy for you to use any Android app on the Windows PC or Laptop. Follow the instructions below to do this magic.

Download the Nox App Player Android Emulator.

Install the tool by following the on-screen instructions. It will take some time so, you need to have patience until it completes.

Now, download the Dragon Ball Legends apk from the link given at the end of the page.

Wait a minute until it is downloaded. Now double-click the downloaded link to start the installation process.

Once it is installed. You will see the confirmation message on the home page of NoxPlayer.

Now, click the “Open” option to launch the Dragon Ball Legends. Your favorite game starts in no time. Enjoy playing the game.

Note: Guys! Nox App Player works wonders if you trust. If you do not want to try this tool, just go for BlueStacks. It is a renowned tool in the market that does the same job and allows you to run the Android games and apps on a Windows PC. You can download BlueStacks from its official website.

Download PUBG Mobile apk for Android with Data [Official/English]

PUBG battle royale

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is known as PUBG. This is an online multiplayer battle royale game by PUBG Corporation. The game is the result of the inspiration from Battle Royale movie. Up to 100 fighters are dropped on an 8 x 8 island. The only purpose they have is to survive while killing all other fighters with the available weapons. The only survivor by the end of the game is called the winner of the battle. It is a very interesting game that grabs your attention and involvement fully. This player VS player action game provides you with the chance to survive cunningly in a society where you have cut-throat competition with all other players.


This action game follows a huge battle royale where you start your fight without any weapon with all of the ninety-nine enemies. However, as you start killing the enemies, you get the vehicles, armour, different weapons and even the safeguards. At the beginning of the game, the only option you have is to select your costume that does not make you win or lose the game anyhow. When you kill a person, you get all his gears, weapons and bonuses. So, you cannot choose but fight till the death comes to you or your opponent. As the game goes on, you will enjoy the complicated and difficult situations. For example, some regions of the island have been highlighted in red and they are bombed. So, these red zones are dangerous for the fighters who are present there. They are warned continuously to leave the area as soon as possible. So, you face two bolts from the blue now. You have to survive while killing your opponents cunningly and you have to shift from the red zone to a safe place of the region. The game was initially launched with simple weapons and armors, but now it has been updated with the latest weapons to make the fighters more involved in the game.

Bonus & Rewards

When you complete one round, you are awarded the in-game currency as the bonus. The bonus is based on how long you have survived and how many opponents you have killed in short time. The bonus and reward money can be used to purchase the crates full of cosmetic items for you. However, you can spend this money to replace the weapons and armors too.


Initially, it was released for Windows users. However, it is available now for some other platforms including the iOS, Android and Xbox.

How to Download & Install PUBG app

Follow the below steps to install app on your Android device:

  1. Before moving ahead, you need to go to the “Settings” on your Android device.
  2. Select the “Lock Screen & Security” from here.
  3. Enable the option “Unknown Sources” from here. If you do not enable it, the system will not let you install the PUBG APP in your phone.
  4. Just click the downloaded file to start the installation.
  5. It needs a few clicks to finish the installation.
  6. That’s it, guys! Now you can enjoy playing your favourite game.

Salient Features of PUBG

The PUBG for the mobile version is not an unofficial one. Of course, it is an official version where you fight with 99 opponents on an 8 x 8 km island to survive. It teaches you to use different weapons and vehicles tactfully. The play zone is shrinking gradually and you have to fight this battle until the end of all players.

High-Quality Graphics

The game comes with a very powerful Unreal Engine 4 to create the inspiring visual experience with the realistic effects of every scene. While playing the game, you feel that you are facing the real enemies by using the real weapons. Everything comes with rich detail and high-definition map for this Battle Royale game.

HD Audio

The audio quality is up to the mark. The immersive 3D sound effects in the game make you feel the real battle and real fight with your opponents. The HD sound does not let you blink your eyes and keep you in its Trans for a longer time.

Realistic Weapons

The weapons are not artificial ones. You are provided with the original lethal arsenal of firearms, the realistic ballistics to throw the melee weapons and the travelling vehicles are even more real. You can use the weapons until you are killing cunningly.

Stylish Travelling

You get a wide range of vehicles including the motorcycle, car, truck and boat to search your enemies on the island. Now, it’s up to you to select the right vehicle to race with them and to bluff them on different occasions.

Team Up with Mates

You can team up with your friends to survive the battle. You can coordinate the battle plan with your friends via voice chat and build a perfect team to win the game.

Fair Gaming Environment

Powerful graphics and HD audio with the realistic weapons, theme and the rewards help create a fair gaming environment where you have an unending fun with your friends.

Recommended Specs

You need an Android device running on Android 5.1.1 or above.

You need at least 1GB space in the phone.

You require at least 2GB RAM for installing it.

Beware! If you are using a phone with less than 5” display, it is too hard for you to play the game and to win the battle is almost impossible.

What’s New in the Latest Edition of PUBG?

You have a choice to play the game in the 3rd person perspective or in the 1st person perspective.

The game has a better looting system now. If you want to take the risk of good looting, you can go to the bigger cities and towns where you will find more number of players.

The controls are well-balanced and very easy. The “auto-aim” feature lets you aim any player very easily. It is for the beginners who want to play the game in easy mode. But the players who want to play a hardcore game will dislike it.

The action becomes quick and useful because of dual shooting buttons.

Weapons are well-balanced. The only con you see is that sometimes you are landed in the medium zone where you have to face a lot of opponents and you are given only a pistol. Well! The hardcore game lovers will love playing this challenging situation too.

The latest addition in the game is the “mini-zone” that shrinks the map and you get more resources and air drops.

  • Pistols come with their own UI.
  • You can destroy the tires of vehicles with Melee weapons.
  • You can view the post-match results on the screen.
  • You can gift any item from the store to your friends.
  • The room cards have been added to the game.
  • You can link the game to Facebook and Twitter.
  • The shop comes with a variety of new items.