Download ZArchiver Pro apk for Android/PC/iOS – Mod included

When you want to send one or more bulky files to your colleague, you can use the “Zip File” feature in the PC. The same feature works on the Android phone now. You can also use it to compress the file size so that it could be sent and received easily. ZArchiver is an Android app that is used to extract and create a compressed file. It is an amazing tool that is greatly helpful in compressing and decompressing different archive files.

ZArchiver Themes

Salient Features of ZArchiver

Here is the detail about ZArchiver features make it prominent among all of its rivals. Let’s have a close look to know more about the app.

The foremost function of ZArchiver is that it reads the file content quickly and extracts even the largest files within no time. The file size does not matter.

The app supports the following formats of the files: TAR, ARJ, LZMA, XAR, TBZ, DEB, ZIPX, 7Z, RAR, GZIP, XZ, ISO, TAR and many others for reading and extraction of files.

It is perfectly compatible with the 7Z, ZIP, GZIP, XZ, BZIP2 and TAR in creating archives in no time.

The ZArchiver also supports the password protected archives. You do not need to worry about your file’s security. Just use the ZArchiver to extract the files and to create an archive file. You will see the “Password Protection” option. Just use the option and your files are absolutely safe and secure. This is how the developer has resolved the security issue regarding the archived files if the data is sensitive.

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The file manager is another built-in feature of this app. It organizes your files in an appropriate way to make your data cluttering-free. You can easily search the archived file as the data present here is in alphabetical order. However, you can change the list order if you desire so. It gives you the option to customize the list if you want to arrange the files according to the size, ascending or descending order or date wise.

ZArchiver Important Features

Another interesting feature of the ZArchiver is the editing option. You can edit your archived files any time anywhere by using this app. It allows you to edit the file and save as it on your mobile phone or on Google Drive. It allows you to save the original file as well as the edited file in your phone. The file organizer arranges the files according to the size or the date.

If you are trying to extract 7Z or RAR format files, the app gives you a wonderful feature i.e. multipart archive. The multipart archive feature enables you to archive different parts of the file at the same time. If you want to archive a few parts only, it allows you to archive the desired parts.

If you are using another compression tool to compress your file, you can compress the entire file only. You do not find an option to compress only a few parts of the file but ZArchiver has incredible features. It comes with “Partial Compression” feature. You can use this feature to compress a few parts of a file. So, it allows you to compress not the entire file but a few portions of any file.

When you are using a free tool or service, you encounter a plethora of ads now and then. It happens with every free tool and creates an annoying situation. It does not happen when you are using this tool. There are no ads while you are compressing or decompressing the files. However, the donation option is also here if you want to donate some money to support the creator of the tool. It is not obligatory. You have the choice to donate or not to donate.

The user interface is easy and attractive. It is very simple to use. Main features of the ZArchiver can be seen in the form of icons on the Home Page.

ZArchiver Menu Settings

When you are compressing the files, you can select the compression levels as “Ultra, Maximum, Fastest, Fast or Normal. The developer ZDevs has launched the app with absolute compatibility with all Android phones.

The only con of the ZArchiver is that the tool does not read the system files without being rooted.

File Information

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How to Download & Install ZArchiver apk

You can use the ZArchiver in your Android phone regardless of the Android version you are using. It supports almost all Android versions. Follow the instructions below to download and install the ZArchiver apk in your Android phone.

Tap the “Download for Android” button given below. It will start downloading the ZArchiver. The file is in a compact size and it takes hardly a few seconds to complete the downloading process.

Once the downloading is over, it shows you an option “Open” to launch the downloading page where you can see the ZArchiver apk file.

Tap the file to extract the files. It takes a minute or two in extracting the files. Once the process is complete, tap the ZArchive extracted folder to start the installation process.

Make sure you have already “Enabled” the “Unknown Sources” option from the Settings of your phone. Otherwise it shows you the Installation blocked message as shown in the image below.

Installed Blocked

Now tap the ZArchiver apk, it shows you the “Install” option at the bottom of the page. Just select the option to proceed.

Once the installation is complete, you see the “Open” option to launch the tool.

Here, you see the tool with all of the necessary features on the main page. One more thing you will love about this app is that it does not require access to the Wi-Fi, NFC or Bluetooth of your phone. It also does not require access to the network you are using.

How to Use ZArchiver for Compression/ Decompression of files?

It is very easy to use ZArchiver for compression or decompression of files. Let me explain about both of them separately.

If you want to compress one or multiple files, select the files and right-click to select “Compress” from the context menu. It shows you the desired option and wants your consent.

Click “OK” to complete the process. That’s it. It is so simple to follow even for a newbie.

Now extract the files by following the steps below.

Just right-click the archived file and select “Extract” from the context menu. Select the location and that’s all.

UC Browser apk for Android/PC – All Older/Newer Versions

After Safari and Google Chrome, the most wanted web browser is the UC Browser. It has been designed by UCWeb, the Chinese mobile internet company. It is available for not only Android operating system but also for other platforms such as for BlackBerry, iOS devices, Windows phones, Symbian and Java ME, etc. According to the company report, about 300 million mobile users prefer UC Browser that shows how much popular it is among the users. There are two versions of UC Browser for Android devices you can download from Google Play Store. They include US Browser and UC Browser Mini. Due to some privacy and security issues, it was deleted from the Google Play Store. But it reappeared within a week with better features and updated security.

UC Browser Night Mode

Salient Features of UC Browser

Let’s have a bird’s eye view of the salient features of this amazing browser to have in-depth knowledge about it.

There are some very useful in-app widgets for the users. You can access the important content in no time. These widgets include MyMP3, Train, Gmail, Mastimaza, Freecharge, YouTube and many more to organize your stuff in a lot better way on the home screen. You can use your preferred cards and just disable the ones you don’t want to use. You can customize their display and style even that you can view the headlines from your desired sites. For example, if you want to remain updated by reading the headlines on any news site, just customize the display of that site and read the news updates without opening the site. You can rearrange the widgets according to your preference. If you want to rank the shopping, jokes and music in top widgets, you can do accordingly.

The sharp light of the display becomes too much irritating when you are using the phone at night. You want a comfortable dim light that could bring your eyes to a resting position. So, UC Browser brings a comfortable soft light at night time for you in “Night Mode.” In this mode, the black icons turn grey and the white background turns into black to lessen the sharpness of the display.

The Cloud boost technology is an integral part of UC Browser. It boosts the loading speed incredibly. You can enable this technology not only for Wi-Fi connection but also for mobile data. Well! The guys having a faster Wi-Fi connection may find this feature quite useless, but it is a blessing in disguise for the users having a slower internet connection. They can enjoy a faster downloading and upload speed by using this wonderful feature.

The “Quick Access” is one of the most wanted features in any phone. UC Browser brings this feature for the users. It allows you to add the shortcuts to your favorite apps including Facebook, Messages, WhatsApp and many others. Moreover, it comes with a “Search Bar” that allows you to access your desired program in the blink of an eye. So, all of your favorite apps are in your quick access.

Customize the Widgets in UC Browser

UC Browser ensures a faster browsing by adding the Gestures in it. For example, if you swipe on the left side upside or downside, it adjusts the brightness of the screen. If you are repeating the same action on the right side, it adjusts the volume of the media file. If you are swiping from left to right and vice versa, it shows the next or previous photo/app.

An advanced download manager is an important feature of the UC Browser. The download manager comes with some prominent features to attract the users. You can download maximum six files at the same time. It shows you a notification once your downloading is over. However, you can disable this feature if you don’t want to receive any notification. It also reconnects the network automatically if it fails to download any file. So, you do not need to reconnect manually. The download manager shows you the total free space in your device. It also shows you the list of files you are downloading and the files that have been downloaded.

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An updated Video manager is a salient feature of this renowned browser. It lets you download your favorite videos quickly. You just select the video you want to watch offline and the downloading process starts. Both the Video Manager and the Download Manager come with a File Manager that has well-organized built to segregate your downloaded docs and media files properly.

Customization gives you freedom of choice in many ways. With the same feel, the developer added customization to the UC Browser. It has a huge collection of themes to get rid of the monotony of life. By default, you have only two themes to set in your Android phone but you can download a huge variety of themes to use instead of the default themes. It also gives you the option to create your personal themes by using your favorite photos.

News Personalized

Ad blocker is another very important feature of this browser. As the name suggests, it blocks the pop-ups appear on any website and do not let you read your favorite content on that site. It also gives you the list of ads it has blocked. You can delete the list and reset it if you like.

File Information

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How to Download & Install UC Browser apk

Click the “Download” option at the bottom of the page and start downloading the UC Browser apk on your Android device.

Make sure you have “Enabled” the “Unknown Resources” option in the Settings of your phone. If it is still disabled, you can’t install UC Browser apk in your phone.

Now, you need to go to the “Downloads” and tap the downloaded apk to start the installation process.

It shows you the “Install” option on the next screen. Just tap this option to proceed.

Within half a minute, it shows you the icon of UC Browser on the Homepage. That’s all guys. Now you can use this highly beneficial browser that is, in other words, your phone manager too.

UC Browser for Windows PC/Phone

If you have Windows phone or you want to use this browser for Windows PC, you can download it too. It is also available for Windows users.

File Information

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How to Download & Install UC Browser for Windows PC/Phone

Just click the “Download” button at the bottom to start the downloading process. It takes a few moments due to a compact sized file that is only 1.33MB.

Once the download is over, just click the downloaded link to start the Installation process. It takes no time and your browser is launched after installation.

Enjoy a more convenient browsing with the UC Browser and with its widgets and other features.

Towelroot apk V3/V5 Latest for Android Nougat, Lollipop & Marshmallow

When you want to root your phone, you need to go through a complicated process and the process is not always safe. If you are a newbie, you can’t even think of rooting your device by following the complicated steps. It takes a lot of time and you are not sure whether it will be successful or not. Towelroot gives you freedom from the long and complicated rooting process. Besides, it enables you to root your device within a few seconds. Amazed? It is true that you can root your phone within a few seconds by using this beneficial tool. Here is detailed information about Towelroot and its features.

Towelroot V3

What is Towelroot?

Towelroot is a small tool that occupies only 100KB on your hard disk. It is unbelievable, but true that this tiny tool does a great job for you within a few seconds. With a few taps, it does a wonderful job to root your phone.

Salient Features of Towelroot

I am sure you understood well what Towelroot does for you. Now, let’s have a glance over the salient features of Towelroot to know in-depth about the tool.


The app has been developed by Geohot, a very popular hacker and developer. So, the app comes with absolute reliability for the users.  It is a trustworthy app and you can use it with closed eyes. It does not harm your data currently present on the phone. So, use it with trust.

One-click Root

It is an ideal app that does not follow a long process. You just need to follow a one-click rooting process and the rooting is done. You do not need to wait for a long time for your device is rooted. Just click the “Run” button and wait for a while. Within a few moments, you see “Done” message on the screen and the rooting is over. This is how it adds more convenience for you in rooting a device.

Supports All Famous Brands

Towelroot supports all famous brands. You can root Verizon, At&T, Sony Xperia multiple Android phones and Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, etc. Besides the above-discussed phones, there are many others you can root by using Towelroot.


The latest version Towelroot V3 is absolutely compatible with Android KitKat 4.4 operating system. So, the devices running on KitKat 4.4 can be rooted perfectly by using this version of Towelroot.


Towelroot V3 can fix the errors in Samsung Note 3 kernel 3.4.0-636608 and 3.4.0-722276. If you have the said error in your Samsung Note 3, this compact app is surely for you.

The app fixes the kernel error 3.4.0-951486 in Sprint Note 3.

Towelroot also fixes the errors in Google Nexus 5 V2.

This amazing app resolves the errors of download fail in your Android phone.

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Free App

It does not require any subscription fee if you download and install this tool. You can use this highly useful tool without paying even a single penny.

Towelroot apk File Information

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How to Download & Install TowelRoot apk

It is very simple to download and install this compact sized tool on your Android phone. Follow the steps given below to do it.

Tap the “Download” option given below to begin the downloading of the Towelroot apk.

Since the apk is in small size, it is downloaded within half a minute or in less time.

Make sure you have “enabled” the option “Unknown Resources” from the Settings of your Android phone. Otherwise, you cannot install this app on your phone.

Once the download is over, go to the “Downloads” and tap the downloaded apk.

You will see the “Install” option appears on the screen. Tap this option to go ahead.

Now Towelroot will start installing on your Android phone. Within a few moments, the installation is over and you see the option “Open” at the bottom of the screen. Just tap this option to launch this app.

How to Use Towelroot for Rooting Android Phone

Before starting the rooting process, you need to disable your Security tool/Antivirus app in Android phone. Usually, when you install this app on your phone and want to use it for rooting, the guard app warns you that you have a virus in your phone. So, it becomes necessary to disable the security tool of your phone.

Now tap the app to launch Towelroot in your phone.

It shows you an option “Make it ra1n” on the Home Page. Just tap this option to begin the process.

Within a few seconds, the rooting process is over. Just restart your phone manually as it does not reboot automatically.

You do not receive any confirmation message that your phone has been rooted successfully. So, you need a root checking app for this purpose.

Go to the Google Play Store and search for “Root Checker” app here. It quickly checks your phone whether it is rooted or not. So, download this app from Google Play Store. You can find its link Here.

When you run this app, it immediately lets you know the actual situation. It surely confirms that you have successfully rooted your phone.

What if Towelroot is Not Working?

The question is what if you have installed this app in your phone and it is not working? There may be incompatibility between the settings of the app and the device. What to do to make them compatible with each other? The answer is very simple. Just download another tool known as “Modstrings.” This app updates the settings of Towelroot to make it compatible with your phone settings. This is only for the users who find the Towelroot not working properly on their phone.

The aftermath of the discussion is that Towelroot has made the rooting very simple and easy task. Rooting a device was a complicated process earlier. This fascinating process was considered harmful by a large number of users. It has made the rooting a very simple and practical process to follow. Now, you can root your device to add more potential to your phone and you will not worry about losing your data if the rooting goes in the wrong direction. It gives more excitement to the users to do rooting by using this fast and compact tool.

VivaVideo Pro apk free download for Android/PC with Mod

VivaVideo app gives you the best output of your toil on video editing. It allows you to create and edit the video clips to make them perfect. The VivaVideo trims the unnecessary parts of the videos to make them flawless to watch.VivaVideo Video Maker and Editor

Salient Features of VivaVideo

It has unique features to mesmerize the users. Let’s have a look at the prominent features of VivaVideo.

In-app Camera

This app comes with a video capturing camera to give you a wonderful video shooting experience. You can capture a video up to a specific length. The video shooting with this app gives you a novel experience with 60 video effects that can be used while shooting the video. You can shoot the videos with the normal angle and with the special effects available to download without spending money.

Video Editing

If you have a video on your mobile device, you can edit it with this tool. You can use “Pro mode” and “Quick mode” to edit your videos in this app. The Pro version is pricey while the Quick mode is absolutely free. You can use a wide range of video effects, transitions and filters to give a touch of the continuous movie clip to your separate clips. You can also add titles and sub-titles to the clip if you prefer.

StoryBoarding Feature

You can merge two or multiple videos to create a montage by using the storyboarding feature of this app. This feature makes your videos unique and unparalleled.

Social Network Integrated App

This app is social media integrated. You can share your creations on the Facebook and Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Live Story and many other social networking sites. Share your work with your friends and get appreciation.

Slow Motion Video Editor

The app has a built-in slow motion video editor with the fastest video editing tool. The fast and slow motion control comes with up to 0.2s playback speed.

Funny Face Feature

There is a unique feature known as “Funny face” where you can try out nine lenses with special effects to shoot the funny videos. You can turn the faces of the people into the funny one to make the video more special.

A Variety of Themes in VivaVideo

Playback Music

You can add music in every video in the background. This feature allows you to add your favorite songs and music in your videos. So, you can add music to some particular parts of the video or in the entire video. The choice is yours.

Largest Video Community

You can become a part of the largest video community by showing your videos to the world. This active community has 10 million users from all around the world. Join this community and show the world what you have created. Other video makers also show their work and you can learn a lot from their experience of video making.

Slideshow Maker

It is a complete camera app that allows you to use the movie making a feature but also ensures to create an easy slideshow of your photos. You can turn your pictures into a unique slideshow within a few minutes. The music library has a wide range of music albums you can add in the background of the slideshow. So, you can create a perfect slideshow to amuse your loved ones.

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Video Collage

Another wonderful feature of this tool is video collage. You can merge different clips to create a complete story by using a wide range of video collage templates. It creates a versatile story by using different individual clips. Add your voice behind or if you like, you can add the music.

Multilingual App

This amazing app is available in different languages of the world including English, Chinese, Malaysian, Japanese, French, German and many others.

VivaVideo Editing Feature

File Information

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How to Download & Install VivaVideo apk

VivaVideo app is absolutely free for the users. However, it has a pro version that can be downloaded by paying a small amount of money. You can download VivaVideo’s free version from here. Here is how you can download this amazing free video editor and maker in a few steps.

Click the button “Download” given below to start the downloading process.

The file is in a compact size so, the downloading takes about half a minute.

Now, you need to go to the downloads and tap the “Downloaded apk” here.

Select “Install” from the bottom of the screen to start the installation process.

Wait for a while until it gets over. Now, tap “Open” to go to the main menu of the app.

Enjoy using this amazing app without losing the important parts of your video.

How to Download & Install VivaVideo for Windows PC/Laptop

You can use this amazing app in your Android device, in iOS devices and even in your Windows PC or Laptop. Here is how to get it for Windows PC.

To run VivaVideo on your Windows PC, you need to download an Android Emulator on your PC. Android Emulator transforms your Windows device into an Android-like atmosphere and lets you use any Android app or Android game on your Windows PC. There are many Android Emulators available online including KOPlayer, AC Welder and BlueStacks. You can download any of them. Personally, I always prefer BlueStacks that is easy to use among all of its rival Android Emulators.

Just download BlueStacks from Here.

The downloading process takes about half an hour or so due to a heavy size of the file. So, just have a chill and play your favorite game until the downloading process gets over.

When the downloading is finished, just click the link of the downloaded file and start the installation.

Now, you need to click the VivaVideo apk link to download it in your Windows PC. It takes about half a minute.

Now select “Open” from the bottom of the page to view the downloaded apk.

Click the apk file and select “Install” to start the installation process.

Once it is over, just select “Open” to launch the VivaVideo app. Now you can use your favorite video making and editing tool for as much time as you want. It creates unlimited videos for you and the app is absolutely free. So, use your talent and create the masterpiece videos to collect appreciation from all.

VivaVideo Pro

VivaVideo is available in two versions: free and pro. The features in both the versions are almost similar except a few exceptionally incredible features that are only available in the Pro version. Find below what you get in Pro version of VivaVideo.

It allows you to trim the video clips and merge various clips together to share with your friends.

The Instagram & Vine feature allows you to shoot videos clips with special frames and length to upload on Instagram and Vine.

It supports even more options to capture the videos including FX, Funny, Collage, Selfie, Basic and Music Video, etc.

It comes with 7 Selfie camera lenses to make your selfies more attractive. This feature is particularly for those who are keen to take selfies.

The Pro version costs $2.99 only. There are no hidden charges to use this app.

Download Zapya apk for Android/PC – Latest/Older versions

Zapya famous as Kuai Ya in Chinese is an amazing way of the sharing your documents and multimedia files from one Android phone to another. It has been designed by Wang Xiao, Shangpin and Steve Gu to facilitate initially the Chinese people. But due to its amazing features, it became immensely popular in the neighboring countries such as Pakistan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. The major purpose of introducing this app was to share the files without using the internet connection as the Asian countries come with a poor internet connection and it becomes a hectic job to share bulky documents and media files with each other without using the net volume. The only requirement for transferring the files is a Wi-Fi enabled Android device.

Zapya File Transferring Tool

Salient Features of Zapya

Let’s have a glance over the prominent features of Zapya to have first-hand knowledge about this renowned app.

Free of Wi-Fi Usage

It does not need any Wi-Fi connection to transfer the files between two Android devices. However, the presence of Zapya app on both the devices is necessary. Just open the app on both the phones, tap “Sending” on the one and “Receiving” on the other phone and that’s it. It does not need even the net data. So, Zapya saves your MBs and transfers the files without using the MBs of your internet data volume. You can share your desired files more conveniently.

Incredibly Faster

The app is incredibly faster. It works 30 times faster than the Bluetooth device. The Bluetooth device fails to transfer the heavier files and large videos. It does not happen when you are using Zapya. It works amazingly faster than any other file sharing app and transfers your desired files even the larger ones rapidly. The bulky apps, huge documents, games and heavier multimedia files are easily shareable by using Zapya.

Zapya Phone Replicate

Another amazing feature of this Chinese app is Phone Replicate. It creates a backup of your important files and data and shares it with another mobile. Just use this feature if you are going to change a handset. Create a backup of your contacts, messages and documents in the old phone and transfer it to the new phone by using Zapya.

Huge Data Files

It does not matter what kind of files you are going to share with your buddies. You can share the media files, documents, spreadsheets, PDF files, apps and games and even the videos with your friends sitting under the same roof.

Watch media files

User Group Sharing

An amazing and noteworthy feature of Zapya is the User Group Sharing. You can share the file with a group of your buddies at the same time by using this feature. Let say! You have to send a project file to five people urgently. You can share with all of them instantly by using this option. It works the best if the number of users is below or up to 5.

Unlimited Shares

The app does not come with a restricted sharing of files. You can share unlimited files daily with your friends and colleagues. It does not experience any problem. The sharing is simple and fast and lets you feel comfortable due to its speedier performance.

Free Sharing

The app is absolutely free to use. You do not need to pay even a single penny to use its features. It ensures an easy transfer of files from one to another Android phone without spending money.

Wireless Transfer of Files

In the traditional way of transferring files from your Android phone to Windows PC, you need to use a USB cable to transfer files. Zapya does not require a USB cable. You share the files from one to another device without using any wire. This wireless way of transferring files makes the sharing of data more comfortable. You can share the photos, videos, MP3 files and even the bulky files faster without using the USB wire.

Integrated Media Player

The app comes with a built-in media player that plays your favorite videos for you. The clarity of sound is its integral feature. It offers a number of videos you can download in your device and can share with your friends.

Powerful Search Function

The search function of the app is very powerful.

File Sharing without Internet

Simple User Interface

The user interface of Zapya is very simple to use. There is nothing complicated when you start using it. Just open the app. On the Home Page, you will see the “Send” and “Receive” options for file sharing. You just need to tap the required option and let the app do the rest of the things by itself. So, it is very simple to use the app and even very simple to share the files.

Supports Cross-Platforms File Sharing

It supports cross-platform file sharing too. You can share your files between an Android phone and Windows PC/phone, Windows PC/phone and iOS devices, Android devices and iOS devices, etc.

Multilingual App

It is available in all of the major languages of the world. Earlier, it was available in Chinese and English only. But due to its immense popularity among the Asian people and among the users of all over the world, it is available in French, Spanish, Russian, Persian, Italian, Indonesian, Thai, Portuguese and Vietnamese too.

File Information

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How to Download & Install Zapya apk

Just click the “Download” option at the end of the post to start the downloading of Zapya apk.

Once you receive the notification that Zapya apk is downloaded, just tap the downloaded file and select “Install” to start the installation.

It takes no time as the file is in a compact size.

As the installation is over, select “Open” to launch the app. Here is your favorite file sharing app. Experience the faster sharing and data transferring from your one device to another with great ease.

How to Download & Install Zapya for Windows PC/Laptop

You can use this amazing file transferring app for file sharing between your Android phone and Windows PC too. Here is how to download and install Zapya for Windows PC.

Click the “Download” option at the bottom of the page. It starts downloading the Zapya exe file.

It takes about half a minute to complete the downloading process.

Once it is over, click the link of the downloaded file to start Installation.

It goes on and within a few moments, you see “Open” option appearing on the screen. Click this option to move ahead.

As you click “Open”, it launches the app on the screen.

Now you can use it for sharing your important documents between Android phone and Windows PC/Laptop. Enjoy using Zapya without using the Wi-Fi or mobile data package.

Zedge apk for Android/PC – Download older/newer versions both

Zedge is an amazing app for Android users. It is very popular among the users of Android devices. It comes in the top twenty free apps in Google Play Store. This amazing app allows you to download a wide range of wallpapers including the live and animated wallpapers, games and ringtones. Zedge is immensely popular among the Android users due to its attractive features and useful categories. It is not only available for the Android devices, but also for iOS devices and Mac.

Attractive Wallpapers

Salient Features of Zedge

Let’s have a look at the salient features of Zedge to know why it is immensely popular among the Android users.

Huge Collection of Wallpapers

It is one of the biggest apps you can experience on the Google Play Store. It has 16 million users all around the world. The app offers you a wide range of attractive wallpapers. You can select among 11000 animated and live wallpapers that mesmerize you fully. It has wallpapers according to everyone’s taste. The fact for choosing this app to get wallpaper is that 10,000 people gave it a 5-star rating. It ensures the people’s liking for this app to get wallpapers. There are about 25 categories of wallpapers including Comedy, Bollywood, Anime, Drawn/Cartoons, Technology, Spiritual, Nature/Landscape, Love, Music, Music and many more.

Alluring Ringtones

Zedge brings the biggest range of ringtones for the users. The mind-blowing collection consists of 370,000 ringtones in different categories to suit the taste of everyone. You can download as many ringtones as you want at the same time. There is no restriction to download only a particular number of ringtones at a time. However, if you have a limited number of MBs, I advise you to avoid using this app. Zedge app consumes data volume quickly as compared to other apps and thus, it can consume your entire volume of the data package. The app contains 25 categories of ringtones including Classical, Comedy, Hip Hop, Latin, Pets & Animals, Pop, Rock, World and many more. The Ringtones category also contains a wide range of message ringtones. You can choose a hilarious or a classical message tone to amuse yourself and the people around you with a novel message tone. Just click the “Play” button to listen to the ringtone and download if it touches your heart. You can Filter the list of the ringtones by using three different categories i.e. Featured, Recent and Popular.

Alluring Ringtones


Zedge is regularly updated by the developer. So, you receive the notifications of recently uploaded stuff in this category. You can find the recently uploaded games, ringtones and wallpapers in this category. Notifications area consists of two categories further. The Featured category lets you know the recent uploads while the Discover category shows you the popular searches by other users. So, it makes you accustomed to the choices of other people around the world. You can also choose any theme or ringtone from this category.


The games category includes a wide range of free Android games. The games come in different categories including Action, Arcade, Card, Educational, Adventure, Board, Sports, Trivia, Music and many more. The Zedge brings all fun at one place for all android users. You can get the games of your choice without spending a penny. With every game, you can see the number of downloads. Just download your favorite game and enjoy playing it. You can download unlimited games by using this app. There is no download restriction.

Downloaded List

At the bottom of the page, you will see the list of the ringtones and wallpapers you have recently downloaded by using Zedge. So, you do not download a wallpaper or ringtone twice.

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Systematically Well-Organized Stuff

When you have finished the downloading process and you launch the downloaded list. It shows you different menus including the “Default Ringtone, Contact Ringtone, Notification Sound, Alarm Sound.” This feature makes the app the most demanding app among the Android users. You see everything is systematically well-organized. All ringtones are well-managed in different categories.

Set as a Default App

Zedge enables you to use it as a “Default Android App” instead of using it as a standard app in your phone. You can set the ringtones directly by using the app. You do not need to use two apps diversely to set a ringtone.

Powerful Search Function

The app comes with a powerful search function. You can search your desired ringtone or wallpaper by using a relevant keyword. When you put a keyword in the search bar, it shows you immediately with a list of the relevant content.


The Widgets category has been recently included in this app. It contains a wide range of useful widgets for the Android users. Recently, the beta version of the Widgets has been added to the app. currently, it has only a variety of clocks you can set on your Home Screen to make it stylish and attractive.

Zedge Clock Widgets Beta Version

File Information

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How to Download & Install Zedge apk

If you are looking for the best wallpapers and a variety of ringtones, just get this amazing and immensely popular app. Tap the “Download” button at the bottom of the page to start the downloading process.

It takes no time in downloading due to its compact sized file.

You will get notification once the download is over. Now tap the “downloaded apk” of Zedge to proceed.

It shows you “Install” option at the screen. Tap this option and wait for a while.

Once the installation is over, tap “Open” option appears at the bottom.

It shows you the user agreement. You need to show your consent by ticking “I Agree” option.

Here the Zedge launches. Now you can view the wallpapers, live wallpapers, games and even the ringtone categories to download your favorite ones.

How to Use Zedge

It is not a hard nut to crack to use Zedge if you want to get the wallpaper, a ringtone or any game. Here is how to use Zedge.

Launch the app and tap the Main Menu of the app.

Here, you will get different options including Wallpapers, Games, Ringtones, etc. Select your desired category from here.

The preview will show you the available stuff. Let say! You intend to download wallpaper. Just open the list of wallpapers and preview the available wallpapers here.

Tap the “Download option to download it in your Android device.

It downloads within a blink of the eye. It saves in the Favorite list. Go to the “Wallpaper” you have recently downloaded and tap “Set” option to set it as a background picture. In the same way, you can download ringtones and games.

Free Download SHAREit apk for Android/PC – All old & Latest Versions

SHAREit, as the name suggests, is used for file sharing from one device to another. Well, there may be a wide range of file transferring tools, but Shareit works in the best way due to some particular features you can find only it this tool. Let’s cast a look on its salient feature to know why it is distinguished among all.

Shareit Connections

Salient Features of SHAREit

It quickly transfers the files between two devices. The transfer speed is incredibly faster. If you compare its speed with that of the Bluetooth, it is 200 times faster. Under some optimum conditions, it works with 20 Mbps.

It works for cross platforms. You can share the media files, documents, apps and games between Android and iOS devices, PC and iOS devices, Android and Windows PC and Android and Windows phones.

Other sharing tools support doc files or PDF files, apk or media files, but shareit comes with a unique feature. The Shareit supports all renowned file formats including Apk files, MP3, MP4, Docs and PDF files.

It connects your Android with the PC and vice versa. Just use the QR code scanning feature to establish a connection between two cross-platform devices to share files between them.

If you are using any other file transferring tool, you need an internet connection to share files. Shareit works quite differently for sharing files. It does not require any internet connection. All you need for file transfer is a device containing built-in Wi-Fi. When you start sharing a file between two devices, the built-in WiFi becomes active and the file transferring process starts.

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Besides transferring the files, it offers a wide range of multimedia files for online streaming. You can enjoy watching videos online. If you want to watch them offline, it comes with download option.

It also contains some other utilities including “Lockit for a folder lock, Cleanit for cleaning the phone memory for saving the battery and for managing apps, Cloneit for replicating MMS, SMS, music, videos and contacts from one device to another device and Listenit to play music files online etc.

It is available in 39 major languages of the world. So, you can use the tool in your native language.

Shareit File Information

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How to Download & Install SHAREit

Just tap the tab given below to start the downloading process for Shareit apk.

Once the downloading process is over, just tap “Open” to see the downloaded link.

Tap the “Install” option to start the installation. Wait for a while until it is over.

Now tap “Open” to launch the app. Enjoy file sharing and other features without wasting time.

SHAREit Home Page

Shareit for Windows PC

Shareit is absolutely compatible with the Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. It works incredibly faster than any other tool. Forget the Bluetooth and use this 200 times faster tool for a rapid sharing of your files and documents.

Just click the button below to download the Shareit on your Windows PC/desktop.

Click the link of the downloaded file and select “Open” to start the installation process.

Once it is over, you will see the Home Page of Shareit with “Connect with your Computer.” You can do so by scanning the QR code or by using the “Search Device.”

Share files with PC

This is how you can use this highly beneficial tool on cross-platforms.

Spotify Premium apk for Android/iOS – with working Mod [No Root]

Spotify needs no intro as it is the most famous digital music and video streaming service for the users around the globe. You can listen to your favorite songs by using this app. It contains millions of music albums in MP3 and MP4 formats. It comes in two versions. The free version does not access you to all of the alluring features of the app while the Spotify Premium ensures your access to all of its features. Let’s see how it is different from other music streaming apps available online.

Spotify Premium App

Salient Features of Spotify Premium

In the free version, you will find 96kbps bitrate audio quality in a mobile phone. It reaches up to 160kbps if you are using a desktop. However, in the Spotify Premium, the audio quality goes up to 320kbps in mobile and desktop. This superior audio quality makes the app worth considering.

In the library, you access more than 40 million songs and videos. The library is regularly updated and you get alerts for new releases. The updated content appears on the home page in the Most Recent category.

It is available for all platforms including the Android operating system, Windows OS, Smart TVs, iOS Devices, PS3 and PS4.

In other video streaming apps, you may be disturbed by the appearance of too many ads that becomes annoying if exercising continuously. It does not happen in Spotify premium. You see no ads, no promotional content and even no other interruption while you are listening to your favorite MP3 or MP4 music.

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It allows you to play the music online or to get it downloaded in your mobile if you want to listen to it any other time. The offline listening is not available in many other live music streaming apps, but Spotify premium ensures offline listening for your convenience.

If you do not like a song, you want to skip it that is not possible in Spotify freemium. But Spotify premium allows you to skip as many songs as you want. So, it is solely to play the music of your choice. You do not need to listen to the music you do not like.

Spotify Premium comes with Radio where you can enjoy a wide range of radio channels from all over the world. The Radio features with different categories including Blues, Christian, Classical, Comedy, Folk, Club/House, Indie, Jazz, Latin, Pop, and the old music from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, etc. You will find many other choices in the Radio section. A large queue of radio programs, discussions, comedy programs and much more entertainment is waiting for you.

Spotify Radio Channels

You can find a wide range of videos that can be listened to online and offline.

The Daily Mix feature enables you to refresh your day with different styles of music that is updated on the daily basis. It mixes different genres of music to entertain the people with different tastes.

Spotify “Your Library” feature saves automatically your choices in the Library. You can watch them anytime later.

Your Library Feature

The Search function is very powerful where you need to add a few words about a video or song to get it. You can search by the name of the song or by the artist name too.

File Information

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How to Download & Install Spotify Premium

Just select the download button given below to start downloading Spotify Premium apk.

It takes half a minute to complete the downloading process as the file is only 36.46MB.

Now select “Open” to see the downloaded link.

Tap “Install” at the bottom to start the installation process.

It takes a minute or two and your Spotify Premium is ready to use.

You have different ways to create an account on Spotify Premium. If you are a Facebook user, just use your Facebook account details to login Spotify premium. If you are using Google account, just use that ID and password to move ahead.

That’s it. Now you will see the Home Page of Spotify where you can select the music recently updated on it or browse your favorite music files.

TubeMate apk for Android/PC – New/Old Versions available to Download

TubeMate is a very interesting Android app that is also available for the PC users. It is famous for its high downloading speed in spite of the slow speed of the internet. It enables you to download YouTube videos in High Definition quality. You can also download the latest 4k videos by using this amazing app. It comes with loads of features. Here, I am going to discuss only the most prominent among them.

TubeMate Video Downloader

Salient Features of TubeMate

It downloads the videos not only from the YouTube but also from other social networking sites.

It comes with a built-in media player that plays your videos in HD quality.

If you intend to download any video in MP3 format, TubeMate does it for you. You can convert any MP4 video into MP3 within a few seconds.

You do not need to worry about the resolution of the video you are going to download. TubeMate does this job for you too. When you start the downloading process for any video, it shows you various choices of the resolutions including Full HD 1920 x 1080, HD 1280 x 720 and General 640 x 360.

For example, if you have Galaxy S2 phone, the resolution will be automatically “Full HD” and the high-end phones will have an HD resolution.

Video Resolution in TubeMate
It works in a dual way for the user. If you are downloading a video in any other video downloader, it does not allow you to play any other video at the same time. In TubeMate, you have a choice. You can download the video and play the video at the same time.

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You can download multiple videos at the same time. If one video is still downloading, other videos will be in a queue and will be automatically downloaded one after the other.

If a video is showing downloading failed message time and again, you have the option to “pause” the video downloading process for downloading it later.

Whenever an update is available, TubeMate automatically installs it without disturbing you again and again.
It is an absolutely free video downloader tool that is available not only for Android users but also for PC users.
It downloads videos from YouTube, Youku, DailyMotion, Facebook and many other social networking sites supporting HTML5 video services.

The easier user interface of the software does not make you taken aback. You can use it with great comfort.

You will love its drag and drop feature that works simply to download your favorite videos.
The internal MP3 + MP4 player of the tool plays the videos and audios without buffering.

The search function of the tool is very powerful. You can search for any video by typing a few words in the search bar and it shows accurate results. The Voice search is also enabled in it.

The app also includes a “Forward” button. Moreover, it contains a “File Transfer” feature. You can transfer file from one to another Android device.

File Transfer Feature TubeMate

Last, but not the least is that you can edit the URL easily.

TubeMate File Information

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How to Download & Install TubeMate

Just tap the button below to download the TubeMate apk.

When the apk is downloaded, tap “Open” at the bottom.
It shows you the “Install” option at the bottom of the page. Just tap it to start the installation process.
Wait for a while until it completes.
Tap “Open” to launch the app.

How to Use TubeMate

When you have opened the app, you will see the “Search” bar at the top of the Home Page. Type here the video title or at least a few words from the title and press “Enter” to move ahead.

Select the right video from the search results and click the “Download” icon given below the video.

It shows you a few resolution choices. Go with the selected choice and select “Download” below.

The video starts downloading.

By default, every video is going to be saved in your Phone’s memory, but you can change the choice and the videos can be saved directly to the SD card.

VidMate apk Download Free Latest Version for Android/PC – Older versions too

If you intend to download videos from Facebook or YouTube, you will be surely looking for an app that could do the download services from these social networking sites for you.  VidMate does this job quite free. Initially, it was released for the Android users and it became immensely popular among them. If you are a Windows PC holder, no worries at all! You can also use this unrivaled video downloader. Let’s dive deep to know about the salient features of this high-quality tool.

VidMate Video Downloader

Features of VidMate

It plays the videos in the HD quality.

You can download the movies and series from DailyMotion, Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook.

This free app offers you unlimited downloading. You can download millions of songs and movies without a break by using it.

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It offers live TV with more than 200 TV channels around the world. You can watch your favorite Sports, News, Kids channels and even the entertainment channels from around the globe.

VidMate HomePage

It downloads the desired stuff quickly. The speed is 200% faster than that of its rival multimedia downloading apps

The app has an admirable rating on Google Play Store. Even all of the rival apps including Ummy Video Downloader can’t come close to this renowned app in features.

The interface of the tool is very easy to use. You can easily navigate through the interface. All of the important features visibly lie on the main page.

Unlike its rival tools, it allows you to download multiple movies/videos at a time.

It is available for different Operating Systems including Android, iOS and Windows.

It supports all of the famous video formats. So, you can download a video in any format.

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How to Download & Install VidMate

Just click the button given below to download the VidMate apk.

  1. It is a compact sized file and you can download it within half a minute. Moreover, due to its compact size, it does not occupy much space in your phone’s memory.
  2. Once the downloading is over, just tap the download link of apk and tap “Install” that appears at the bottom of the screen.
  3. It starts the installation process.
  4. When it is finished, an option appears “Open.” Just tap this option to launch the downloader.
  5. It appears on the screen. It works quite smoothly. You can watch online TV without buffering.

VidMate Categories

VidMate apk for iOS Devices

It is available on iTunes for the iOS devices. If you are an iPhone user, just go to the iTunes and download the VidMate from there. It is an absolutely free app.

VidMate for Windows PC

If you want to install VidMate on Windows PC, you need to download an Android Emulator for this purpose. Android Emulator like BlueStacks transforms your Windows PC in an Android-like atmosphere and lets you run the Android apps on Windows PC without any problem.

Click Here to download BlueStacks. Just double-click the link to start the installation process. It may take some time as the file is a bit heavy.

Now click the link above to download the VidMate apk on your PC. The installation process is very similar as discussed above for the Android device.

Once the installation is over, just launch the VidMate and start using it.