Download Bloons TD 6 apk for Android/PC – Latest Version with Mod

Bloons Tower Defense 6

Bloons Tower Defense is a series of 6 independent Tower Defense games designed by Ninja Kiwi. Initially, in 2007, it was launched as a browser game, but it became immensely popular among the people. So, it came in a series of other games. Now, it has become a very popular game among the users of different platforms. The people who want to spend hours and hours playing one game will surely love playing it. It is an addictive game that does not let you blink your eyes while you are playing it.

What’s New in Bloons TD 6?

The game is quite similar like its predecessor versions. The balloons (known as bloons in the game) try to reach to a set course and you have to block their way from reaching there. You do so with the help of many towers or other hurdles that could pop the bloons quickly. On popping each bloon, you get points money. So, you keep placing different towers and other items as an obstacle on the way of the bloons and keep earning money. If you are failed to prevent a bloon in reaching to a certain track for the exit, you lose your life.

However, the game contains some new mechanics such as various new types of bloons, new towers and updated path for every monkey. Do you remember DDTS that appeared in the earlier versions of the game? They also returned in Bloons TD 6 to make the game more challenging. The developer has introduced new Purple Bloons and they are considered give energy weapons, fire and plasma. In the same way, the creation of Fortified Bloons is another strong attraction in the game. These Bloons come with the fortifying attribution and enhance the health of the bloons. So, this game becomes more interesting and more challenging for the players.

There are three modes of the game including Easy, Medium and Hard. In every mode, there are some sub-modes. So, you can play the game on the same map in different ways. When you complete a round, you are rewarded Monkey Money. The amount of monkey money is based on the difficulty level of the game.

There are two new monkeys and 17 monkeys returned from the predecessors. So, total 19 monkeys help their five heroes to pop the bloons. In this game, these monkeys have been divided into 4 categories i.e. Primary, Military, Magic and Support.

Earlier, there were only nine maps to follow. Now, there are 21 maps to follow. You follow 9 maps on the initial stage, 6 in intermediate level and 4 at the advanced level. Moreover, there are two expert maps including in the game. If you are playing on initial maps, you are paid less Monkey Money whereas; you get more Monkey Money if playing on an expert map. So, the choice is yours.

In the entire game, there are 15 upgrades regarding the Towers with 3 paths out of the five paths. It becomes more interesting as you move to the higher level. Well! If you are playing the game for the very first time no worries at all. The game warns you timely that any Bloon has taken over the village of any monkey.

The main menu contains the Town Hall where you can see the time of your device to plan a better strategy ahead.

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How to Download & Install Bloons TD 6

Click the icon below to download the file. It is only 48MB in size but takes a couple of minutes in downloading.

  1. Wait for a while until the downloading is over. Now tap the downloaded file to start the installation.
  2. Select “Install” at the bottom of the page and it starts installing.
  3. As the installation is over, just tap “Open” and the game launches.
  4. That’s all! Enjoy your favorite game for hours and hours without an interruption.

Download Bigo Live apk for Android/iOS/PC/Laptop – Latest MOD

BIGO Live Social App

BIGO Live is one of the renowned apps used for live video streaming on social networking sites. It enables you to watch the live videos shared by your friends, broadcast the precious moments of your life and to do video chat with your relatives and mates. It allows you to make new friends from all over the world. It is getting immensely popular gradually. Recently, it has got 200 million users from all over the world. So, Bigo Live is not only an app to kill your boredom, but also a golden opportunity to broadcast your abilities and talent to make the people aware of. You can get virtual fans from all over the world and even you can get a lot of new friends from different lands of the world. It is available for different platforms. Initially, it was available for the Windows operating system, but now you can get it on your Android device.

Latest Modes

  • Two more modes have been included in the Multi-guest room.
  • 4-seat mode: You can host a small number of guests by using this mode. It is to entertain a few guests.
  • 6-seat mode: When it is your turn to host more guests, you can switch to this mode to return to the prime seat with wider capacity. The multi-guest room brings these two modes in BIGO Live where you can enjoy video and audio chat with 4 or 6 numbers of friends at the same time.

BIGO Live Main Features

Let’s cast a look on the main features of BIGO Live app to know more about the app.

Share Your Moments Live

Now, you can sing, dance, eat, travel and even tell stories to your friends live by using BIGO Live. It allows you to share all these live moments with your friends by clicking one button. It broadcasts your precious moments with your loved ones to make them aware of your activities.

Watch Live Streams

You do not need to use any live streaming app if you want to watch movies or videos. Bigo Live app streams live videos. You can search the videos by topic or location to broadcast to the social networking sites.

Multi-guest Live

Multi-guest room is a wonderful feature of this app where you can entertain multiple friends at the same time. It is used for group audio and video chat with your loved ones and temporary friends. You can play a game online with them. You can hold a party, educational discussion or know their views about any product. So, you can have more fun in the company of more people.

Match & Line

You can match your best buddies to go live together with you. It allows you to PK with your mates to enjoy the unforgettable excitement.

Find More Friends

You can search for more friends who have compatibility with your nature. You can join the people who have the same nature and thus, find new friends and enjoy their company.

Game Streaming

You can watch live streaming for games and showcase your game records such as Minecraft, CSGO, DOTA2, RoV and many others.

Exchange Virtual Rewards/Gifts

You can exchange virtual gifts and rewards. Prove your talent and get rewards and many gifts. You can exchange these gifts for cash too.

System Requirements for BIGO Live App

System Required: Android 4.0 and later

RAM: 500MB

Space: 300MB

File Information

File Name: BIGO Live

File Size: 39.0MB

Latest Version: V4.1.0

Download BIGO Live

Terrarium TV apk for Android, iOS and PC

Terrarium TV APP

With the advancement of technology, the man is able to port his TV with him anywhere in the world. Terrarium TV is such an app that streams your favourite TV shows, channels and movies on your Android phone. It converts your Android device into a compact sized TV where you can watch any of your desired TV channels or programs. It does not make any difference whether you are sitting on your lawn or travelling on the road. Your TV is always with you on your Android device and you never miss your favourite TV shows due to a busy schedule.

Terrarium TV App Salient Features

It is absolutely a free app that supports not only the Android system but also Windows Operating System. It does not require any Signup or registration that seems annoying to many users. Let’s have a look on some of the important features of the app.

It improves and audio quality. You can watch the movies in HD quality as the app comes with Full HD 1080p and HD 720p quality.

It supports all of the major languages of the world and you find multi-language subtitles.

The app contains 50+ 4K movies and shows.

Whenever a new episode is uploaded or a new movie is released, you get the notification. So, you don’t miss your favourite upcoming movies.

The user interface is intuitive and simple to use. All of the main features can be found on the homepage.

You can download your favourite content to watch it later in offline mode.

You can explore the TV shows and movies easily by using the powerful Search feature.

It has full compatibility with Fire TV and Fire Stick.

It supports Android TV and TV Box.

The app uses incredibly faster servers to stream the movies without buffering.

It is not only available for Android devices, but also for Amazon Firestick, iOS devices, Windows PC and FireTV.

The latest version of Terrarium TV app fixed a bug that can make the TV season scraping stuck.

If you are using VLC media player, you are free to add custom subtitle to your desired videos.

You can watch better quality content.

The best feature of the app is indeed the downloading of videos with subtitles easily.

Terrarium TV APK File Information

App Name: Terrarium TV

Version: 1.9.10

App size: 23.67MB

System Requirement: Android 4.1 or above


Free Space: Minimum 500MB

How to Download & Install Terrarium TV APK

Installation Guide:

  1. Before going ahead, you need to “Enable” the Unknown Sources option in Settings of Android device.
  2. Now tap the downloaded file to start the installation and select “Install” option.
  3. It takes a couple of minutes to complete the installation process.
  4. Now select “Open” to launch the app.
  5. You need to select a media player you want to use to play the movies and shows. If you do not want to select any, just tap “Cancel” at the bottom of the page.
  6. That’s it, guys! Now you are on the Homepage of the app where you can view a variety of movies and the latest shows. Enjoy watching them.

Note: If you are facing too many ads and you want to get rid of them, just go to the Settings and donate some money to the developer.

TeaTV apk: Download latest ads free version for Android, Mac/Windows and iOS[iPhone/iPad]

TeaTV, as the name suggests, is a movie streaming app that has been designed for Windows Operating System. Now it is also available for Android phones and tablets. So, you can enjoy an unlimited mini theatre on your Android device by using the TeaTV app. It allows you to watch your favourite content in HD 1080p quality with high-quality audio. Sometimes, you have to miss a movie due to lack of time. You cannot sit for hours before your TV to watch it. TeaTV makes it comfortable for you to watch your favourite movie while sitting in the park or travelling on the road. Your movie theatre is without you anywhere anytime.


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TeaTV Important Features

Let us view some prominent features of TeaTV app so that you may be clear-headed about its functionality.

Best Quality of Videos and Audios

TeaTV enables you to enjoy movies, TV shows and TV series in HD 1080p quality. The app does not compromise on the audio and video quality.

Free App

The app is absolutely free. You do not need any Signup or registration to use the app. Just download and install the app and straightly start using it. So, enjoy an unlimited entertainment at no cost.

Easy User Interface

It is an easy app to use. The user-friendly interface is very simple even for the beginners. No complicated features have been added to it. Everything is simple and easy. All of the basic features have been included on the Home Page.


It is compatible with Windows Operating System, Android OS and Mac OS devices.

Fast & Efficient

The TeaTV app streams your desired content without buffering. It is incredibly fast and efficient to play the movies, TV shows and other programs.

Offline/Online Modes

The app allows you to stream the movies online anytime anywhere. However, if you do not want to use this option, you can download the videos to watch them later, in offline mode. It quickly downloads the content without affecting the efficiency of other apps in your Android device.


Now, you don’t miss any movie. You receive the regular notifications for the upcoming movies. You also receive alerts when a new movie is released. So, you remain well aware of the upcoming movies, releases and series. The trailers of the upcoming movies are updated regularly. So, you remain updated with the latest movies.

Build Your Own Library

You can build your own library consists of the videos you own. The videos you have seen or you want to keep in your possession etc. are automatically added to the library.

Search Function

You can search and filter your favourite artists, movies, plays and series quickly. Just type the name of an artist and get all of the recently released movies and shows. In this way, it becomes easy for you to search for any show or movie.

How to Download & Install TeaTV apk on Android, Mac & Windows Pc

I would like to suggest you download the TeaTV APK from a trusted site. If you download it from any unknown site, it may contain any malicious software that could be destructive for your system. I assure you that I am providing you with a clean and straightforward link to download the TeaTV APK.

  • Now tap the downloaded file to start the installation.
  • As it is over, you will see “Open” option at the bottom of the page. Select this option to move ahead.
  • Tap “Accept” to go through the Disclaimer.
  • Now select a Subtitle Language from the next menu. If you do not select any language, the by default language will be English.

That’s it, guys! The Home Page appears on the screen where you can see different categories and the latest movies.

Peggo apk: Best Youtube/soundcloud Mp3 converter for Android

Peggo DVR Tool

Peggo is a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) that enables you to record YouTube videos in MP3 and MP4 format. It also enables you to record your SoundCloud records. It comes with a wide range of catchy features to grab your attention.

Why Select Peggo?

Pego comes with some great modifications. It has a volume normalization feature to reduce the pitch of the voice that becomes irritating occasionally. It has an unwanted silence removal function that does not seem a vital part of any other DVR app. You can enjoy the integrated search function of the app.

Salient Features of Peggo App

Let’s view some key features of Peggo to let you know more about the app.

High-Quality MP3s

You do not need to set the quality of MP3s to high. It is by default enabled and all of your MP3s are recorded at the best quality.

Video Recorder

It records your desired videos from YouTube as MP4 too. The display varies from 144p to 1080p full HD. So, it is absolutely mobile-friendly and big screen friendly app that does not distort the visual quality of the recorded videos.

Silence Removal

The tool contains a built-in silence removal feature. So, it removes the silence at the starting and ending points of the videos to make it a perfect MP3 file.

Volume Normalization

Some videos come with lower volume and some with louder volume. The tool normalizes the volume in every video and audio to make it your desired video. There is no louder pitch to create an annoying situation.

Metadata Discovery

Peggo detects and adds the accurate metadata to MP3 files such as the album art, album and its release date, etc.

Supports Sub-track

It supports the sub-track of any video or audio. That means you have a choice to record full video or just a portion of the required video to a certain length such as 0:10 seconds to 1:45 minutes.

ID3 Tags

The ID3 Tags feature specifies the perfect title and the tags. The unnecessary words like full HD, 1080p, lyrics are removed by this feature.

No Ads

It is absolutely a free app. The users may be expecting too many ads in this freemium. This is not true. There are no pop-ups, no full-screen ads to irritate the users. It is an ad-free tool.

Real-time Recording

You do not need to wait to start the downloading. It starts quickly without wasting time.

Integrated Search

The search function is very powerful. Just type the name of your desired video in the search bar and here you get it. Peggo searches in depth to fetch the matching results.


You can load your desired MP3s and MP4s with one click from SoundCloud and YouTube.

Audio Quality

It records the best quality audios beyond your expectations. If you see the availability of any video’s audio at 256kbps, Peggo will record it at the same audio quality. If you have only 128 kbps audio quality for an audio file, it records the audio at 128 kbps MP3. However, most of the YouTube videos are recorded at 256 kbps MP3s.

Download Peggo APK

Download for Android

Download KineMaster Pro apk Free – No Watermark and Full Unlocked

KineMaster Features

KineMaster Pro is a professional video editing app particularly designed for Android Operating System and iOS devices. It comes with a wide range of latest video editing features for editing high-quality videos in no time. The professional editor with the best control over the video editing makes you feel proud of your editing. It is a fully-featured app where you can trim the videos frame-to-frame to make them ultra précised according to your needs. You can edit it with professional skills by adding transitions and effects to your videos. You can share the edited videos to the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube, etc.

Overview of KineMaster Salient Features

Let’s have an overview of the key features of KineMaster.

Android OS Version

This amazing video editing tool is available for your Android mobile and tablet. It is not limited to Windows PC or laptops. It is not only for professionals but also for amateurs to create the supreme quality videos with impressive effects. You do not need a PC for video editing. You can do it on your Android phone. Be productive to make the people impressed with your video editing skills.

Multi-Layered Videos

It supports multi-layered audio, text, videos and images. That’s why the tool enables you to control the transitions accurately when you are adding into the video.

Adjustment Tools

It adjusts the brightness and darkness level in the video. If the video is not sufficiently bright when it was recorded, you can easily adjust the brightness level by using the Adjustment tools in KineMaster. You can adjust the brightness and hue to create a consistent brightness in the video.

Real-Time Recording

You can record the real-time audio and video by using the KineMaster video editor. It enables you to modify the video, trim the length and add a particular recording length to avoid lengthy videos. It enables you to add multiple tracks of audios to a particular audio file.

Sharing at Social Networks

It is perfect if you want to advertise your products and services on social networks. You can publish, advertise and influence your products’ videos by using the “Share” feature. It is very simple to use. Just record a video, edit and trim it and share with your audience on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

Instant Preview

It allows you to instantly preview the edited portion of the video to know how it looks like after editing.

Easy to Use

It is very simple and easy to use. You do not need any special skills to use the tool. Even a newbie can use its easy graphic user interface. Every feature appears in the form of icons on the Home Page. Just open the tool, do experiments and impress your friends with your video editing skills.

KineMaster Video Editor

KineMaster Pro Pricing Plan

The tool is not available free of cost. The company offers you two price plans; monthly and annual subscription. You can select the one more convenient for you.

Monthly Subscription: $4.99

Annual Subscription: $39.99

Both of the above-discussed price plans give the users complete access to the exciting features and tools of KineMaster.

Beyond the monthly and annual subscriptions, a trial version is also available for the users. But this version has limited access to the features and tools. Moreover, the videos you edit in the trial version also contain a watermark of KineMaster.

Download Apk here

Download KineMaster Pro


RedBox TV APK Ad free latest version download for free

RedBox TV for Android

The advanced technology has enabled you to carry your TV with you anywhere you go. Now, you do not need to sit at home before your TV to watch your favourite movies or TV shows. You can watch your favourite channels on your Android phone or tablet. The only tool you need to install is RedBox TV APK. Just get it and enjoy streaming the channels from different countries around the world. The app comes with a variety of attractive features to make it distinguished among other apps with the same function.

RedBox TV Features

You can watch more than 1000 channels from 15 countries around the world. These channels constitute a long list of categories including documentaries, news, entertainment, music, kids programs and many others.

It supports the external players too. It has a built-in support for all of the renowned media players. It supports Mx Player, 321 Player, Web Player and even the Android Player. When you want to play your desired content, the app shows you a warning to use preferably the XYZ player that is a built-in player of the RedBox TV. It provides you with the best sound quality.

The app is light-weighted and fully responsive. The developers used a minimalistic approach to develop it. So, it does not occupy a huge space in your phone. The maximum storage it occupies is 30MB that is considerably low. As far as the channels’ whooping amount is concerned, it was really a challenge for the developers.

RedBox TV is quite easy to use. It is very similar in usage just like a conventional TV. Just download the app, scroll down to look for your favourite channel and tap the channel to play it. You need to select a player. If you have installed any external player, just proceed with your choice. If you want to use the built-in player i.e. XYZ Player, don’t choose any other player and move ahead without choosing the one. That’s all.

The developer has tried his best to keep the channels updated on a regular basis. So, there is nothing old. All the channels are updated and you see the fresh content every day you open it.

The Stream is always working in the best way. There is no buffering like any other online entertainment site. You feel like you are watching the real TV where you experience no buffering.

The best thing about the app is that it is absolutely free. You do not need to pay anything to get it on your Android phone. Even that you do not need to sign up for anything. Just download and straightly start using it.

It has a “Favorites” feature. If you want to watch some particular channels always, just add them into the Favorites category to save your time. Just go to the Favorites and access your desired channels directly.

How to Download & Install RedBox TV APK

Before moving ahead, just go to the Settings on your phone and select the “Security and Lock Screen” section. Enable the option “Unknown Sources” here. If you keep it disabled, you cannot download anything.

Download for Android

Now Click Here to download the RedBox TV APK

  1. Now tap the downloaded file and it will show you a page with “Install” option. Click this option to start the installation process.
  2. Have some patience for a couple of minutes. Once the installation is over, just tap “Open” to launch the app.
  3. Here you go!!! You can see a wide world of channels on the screen where it becomes difficult to choose the best one. Enjoy watching your TV on the Android phone.

Note: Sometimes when you select a player, the app shows that it is not installed. You need to install it by tapping the “Install” option appears in the pop-up.

FRP Bypass APK for all Devices – Huawei, Samsung, Cherry Mobile, ZTE, LG, itel, Alcatel and others

FRP Google Account Bypass

Deactivation of FRP lock in Android phone or tablet is not a hard nut to crack now. FRP Bypass APK is here to perform this action. Sometimes, you factory reset your phone to fix an issue but you can’t remember your Gmail ID password. You know that Gmail ID is an integral part of the phone to run apps and to retrieve your data back to the phone after a soft or a hard reset of the phone. If you can’t remember the Gmail ID password, it becomes impossible to retrieve data. FRP Bypass solves your problem and you safely retrieve your data without any complication.

FRP Bypass Salient Features

You can download it without paying any fee. It is a freemium that enables you to use different features to bypass your Android phone.

The tool is very simple to use. Just download it and start using it. It does not require any signup or registration for using it.

It ensures the security of your personal data present in your Android device. Your Android phone has a lot of personal files and images. When it is stolen, how you can save your data from being misused by the robbers. The only solution of the problem is to get the password of your Gmail ID. FRP Bypass enables you to retrieve the password of your Gmail ID.

It works quickly as it comes with a complete suite of tools for all kinds of Android phones that come with Google app and Google Play Store.

The data currently in the phone is absolutely safe and secure while you are using the FRP Bypass tool.

It is very easy to use. The FRP Bypass is a straightforward tool that focuses on the bypass of Google Factory Reset Protection. It does not affect your phone in any way.

FRP Bypass APK File Information

File Name: FRP Bypass

File Size: 46.6KB

File Type: App / Octet-stream

How to Download and use FRP Bypass APK

Go to the Settings in your Android device and select “Lock Screen & Security” from here.

Tap the “Unknown Sources” to Enable this option. If it is disabled, the system will not let you proceed while you are trying to install the FRP Bypass APK.

Download apk below

  1. Copy this file to the USB flash drive.
  2. Tap the downloaded file to start the installation.
  3. Once it is over, just tap the option “Open” to start the Setup Wizard.
  4. When you see the section “Factory Reset Protection” tab, you need to add your Gmail ID and password here. Since you don’t remember the password, so skip this step.
  5. Connect the USB flash drive with your Android device via OTG cable.
  6. File Explorer opens on the screen. Now go to the location where you have saved the FRP Bypass APK.
  7. Start installing it.
  8. Go to the “Settings” and tap “Backup and Reset” option.
  9. Now, tap the “Factory and Data Reset” to remove everything. Confirm by tapping the “Erase” option appears on the screen. Wait for a while until it erases data from the phone.
  10. It will ensure a safe and secure Bypass Google FRP. Wait for a few moments.

When it is done and you get the confirmation message, just restart the device and that’s it. You can add a new Gmail ID and Password to the Android phone and use the Google Play Store safely.

Download Movie HD APK for Android, iOS and Windows PC [No Ads]

Movie HD APK

If you want to get a full-time entertainment for your Android phone, Movie HD is the best app for this purpose. It does not let you feel boredom. Even you don’t miss your favourite movies. There are many other apps with almost same features available online. But this app is prominent among all due to some special features. Let’s see how it is distinguished among others.

Available for All Platforms

It is available for all platforms. You can use Movie HD in Windows PC, Android phones and Mac Operating System. It works on all Android phones including Blackberry, Samsung, Nokia and Huawei, etc.

Regularly Updated

The app is regularly updated. The latest movies and shows are updated regularly.

Huge Library of Movies

The app contains a huge collection of movies. You can watch almost all movies by using this app. It contains more than 50,000 movies and TV shows.

Online & Offline

You can stream your favourite movies online. If you want to play any movie offline in free hours, just download it to watch offline.

Watch HD Quality Movies

You can watch every movie in full HD quality. The content is available in three different qualities 360p, 720p and 1080p to adjust the screen of your Android phone.

Easy to Use

It is very easy to use. The app is user-friendly. All of its main features can be seen on the Home Page in the form of icons. So, it becomes less cluttering for the users.

Free App

The app is absolutely free to use. There is no hidden fee. You can use the app without any registration or signup.

Unlimited Download

There is no limit for downloading the content. You can download as many movies and shows as you want. It has no limit.

Integrated Search

The search function is very powerful and quick. You can search the movie by name or by the artist name quite easily. You can search the shows by typing the TV channel name too.

Add to Favorites

The Add to Favorites feature is another plus point of the Movie HD app. If you need to go somewhere or you want to do something more important, just add the movie to the Favorites and watch it later any other time. This feature enables you to use the right time for a right task.

Fast Streaming

When you use any other app to watch your favourite movies, you may face buffering that creates an annoying situation if happens again and again. The Movie HD plays the movies quite fast in HD quality. You face no buffering while watching your desired content.

Movie HD APK File Information

File Name: Movie HD

Latest Version: 5.0.3

File Sizw: 6MB

Compatibility: All Android Versions

How to Download & Install Movie HD APK

Click below button to download Movie HD APK.

Download apk below

  1. Before starting the installation, you need to enable the “Unknown Sources” from the Settings of your Android device. (Just open Settings, tap “Lock Screen and Security” category and enable the “Unknown Sources” option from here)
  2. Now tap the downloaded file and select “Install” option to start the installation process.
  3. Once the installation is over, tap the option “Open” appears on the screen.
  4. Now, you need to use an account for this. I suggest you use your current Gmail ID. That’s it. You will see the interface with the latest uploaded movies. You can go to the Settings to view the popular movies list.

Mobdro apk: A cool Streaming app and free alternative to Kodi

With advancement in the IT trends, the potential apps market has grown up to a certain height. The users search different apps and services to watch their favourite TV channels and shows without being present before the TV screens. That’s why Mobdro is demanded by the majority of the users. Mobdro is one of the most popular Android apps available online due to its best functionality and features. It allows you to access a variety of TV channels, latest shows, sports programs and kids entertainment without paying any fees. It brings the unlimited streaming of the videos, TV channels and other content on your Android device. You do not need to wait for any shows to air on the TV screen. You can get it on your Android phone and enjoy the portable entertainment anywhere anytime according to your convenience.

Mobdro Channels

Salient features of Mobdro App

Let’s view the prominent features of Mobdro app to have an in-depth knowledge about it.

  • While using another app like Mobdro, you select the exact episode or movie. Mobdro works in a unique way. It provides you with a complete list of channels where you can find an enormous list of episodes or movies.
  • It streams not only the traditional TV channels but also the sporting events. You can access a variety of strange streams such as the videos of wild animals.
  • It requires no login and no signup. Just get the app and start using it straightly.
  • You can watch your favourite content in both of the online and offline modes. It allows you to download your desired movies and programs to play offline later.
  • The information, search and the user location is secure. The User Privacy is strictly followed and no information is leaked or shared with any firm.
  • The user interface is very simple and easy to operate. Even a newbie can easily use it.
  • The app is available in all of the major languages of the world. So, you can use the app in your local language.
  • It allows you to share your favourite movies and videos with your loved ones on social networking sites.
  • The freemium version requires no payment. You can access the features and benefits without making payment. The video and audio quality is not affected in freemium. However, the premium version includes more channels and movies.
  • You can bookmark the desired videos to watch it later in free time.
  • The filtered stream allows you to filter your favourite channels.

Mobdro File Information

App Name: Mobdro

Latest Version: 2.1.9

License: Freemium

Last Update: June 13, 2018

App Size: 18.1MB

System Requirements to Download Mobdro

Android System Required: Android 4.2 and later

RAM: 1GB or greater

Free Space: Minimum 150MB

How to Download & Install Mobdro Latest Version APK

Download apk below

  1. Tap the downloaded file and select “Install” to start the installation process.
  2. It shows you the Privacy policy page, tap “Agree” to go ahead.
  3. It takes a minute to complete the process. Wait for a while.
  4. Select “Open” to launch the file.
  5. Tap “Accept” option at the Welcome page of the app.
  6. Now you will see a list of the categories appearing on the Home Page such as “Sports, Entertainment, Movies, Songs, News and many others. Select your desired category to view the content.
  7. It shows a variety of channels related to the selected category.