Tekken 3 apk for Android/PC including Latest/Older version with Mod

If you are fond of playing fighting games, Tekken 3 will be your most favorite game and it’s not just available on Weebly. It has the same in-depth elements of fighting combats as had the earlier versions. It is a Japanese fighting game and a part of Tekken series released in March 1997. The selling of more than 8.5 million copies of the game all over the world has made it the second best selling game. This arcade game comes with a blend of old and new characters. The new characters include Jin, Julia Change, Ling Xiaoyu and Hwoarang. So, the game includes 23 characters.Tekken 3 Main Menu

Tekken 3 Salient Features

The game can be played in the same modes available in Tekken 2 such as Team Battle, Time Attack, Survival and Practice mode. However, two new modes have been included in Tekken 3: Tekken Ball and Tekken Force. You can select a Single player or dual player mode according to your preference.

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Tekken 3 comes with spine-tingling sound effects. The music of the game is not noisy and creates new enthusiasm in you while you are playing the game. The music makes you more and more excited while you are fighting. It boosts your energy level to make you more energetic to face more combats with your opponents. It is true that some characters create unavoidable noise that is a bit irritating. Like, Paul makes disturbing noise when he is moving on, but on the whole, the music is captivating.

There is a variety of combos you need to learn and of course, learning these combos and moves can take you months. Here, you experience one on one fight and there, you are going to play volleyball. You need to complete your hits in a specific time.

The graphics of the game are exceptional. You remain profoundly captured in the captivating environment that takes you from temple to the forest and from forest to the desert. The animation is incredibly realistic because of the 3D animated fights as you are fighting in the real life. It makes you excited as you are fighting in the real life.

Single Player Game

The theme is very exciting and makes you keep moving on in the game. That’s why you keep playing the game continuously for many hours. You remain busy in fighting with your opponents so that you collect more and more points.

Tekken 3 File Information

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How to Download & Install Tekken 3 apk

It is very easy to install and play Tekken 3 game on your Android device. Just tap the “Download for Android” button given below to download the game. The size of the file is very reasonable and it downloads within half a minute.

Just wait until the downloading process is over. Now tap the downloaded apk and select “Install” to start the installation process.

Once it is over, tap “Open” to access the game. Here is your favorite game. First, read the Terms and Conditions and “How to Play Guide” for a better gameplay.

Start the game and enjoy making points.

Tekken 3 VS Tekken 7

Tekken series contains 7 parts but the players are more excited about Tekken 3. Although Tekken 7 has been launched, no other clasp of the Tekken chain is the most demanded as is the Tekken 3. There may be some other reasons, but many players reveal that Tekken 3 is more revolutionary game.

When it was launched, the developer applied the best technology, sound, theme and even the novel characters in the game. It came with revolutionary idea and modes, whereas Tekken 7 does not include a revolutionary theme. It comes with the same typical subject and the same equipment for fighting.

Even the characters made no difference in Tekken 7. Tekken 3 can be played offline while you can’t play Tekken 5 and Tekken 7 in offline modes. Something new in this series could attract the players, but there is nothing novel and new. Some famous characters have been cut from the game even the arcade mode is worse. Tekken 3 is immensely popular due to its Ball Mode. These modes are absent in Tekken 7. These things disappointed the players.

Dual Player Game

Tips and Tricks to Win the Game

If you are playing this game for the very first time, you should understand the rules and regulations to score well in it. It takes you months to get a well understanding of the game, but there are some tips and tricks you can apply to win the game and to score higher in it. Here they are.

If you are playing the game in dual player mode, you need to unlock Xiayou or Jin’s school uniform. Before your opponent selects these two characters, press Triangle to select them as your players. Selection of these players can give you high scores.

When the match begins, you need to keep pressing the Mukujin’s image to get your reward in the form of a wooden block.

Some players do not know how to bring the finishing poses on the front. Let’ me explain here. When you defeat your enemy, just press the Square, X Button, or Triangle to view the finishing poses.

If you want to unlock some FMvs in the game, you need to play the game in Theatre mode that gives you easy access to the FMVs in Tekken 2 and Tekken 3.

Tekken 3 for Windows PC

If you want to play this game on a big screen i.e. on a Windows PC, there is nothing impossible about it. Of course, you can play Tekken 3 on a Windows PC and it will give you the more enjoyable game. The PC has a faster and powerful CPU while the Android CPU is not as much powerful comparatively. So, you enjoy the more exciting game without lags on PC. Here is how you can play this game on a Windows PC with your keyboard.

Download BlueStacks Android Emulator in your Windows PC. It is an Android Emulator that runs Android apps and games in the Windows PC or Laptop. You can run the Android games and apps on your Windows PC smoothly by using BlueStacks. Download BlueStacks 3 from Here. It has been built specifically for Gaming purpose.

Once, you have downloaded this Android Emulator start installing it by clicking the downloaded file. It takes about half an hour.

Now, you need to download Tekken 3 apk from the link given above.  Install the game as per directions appearing on the screen.

Once the installation is over, tap “Open” to launch the game. Enjoy playing this amazing game on your Windows PC.

Kick the Buddy apk download for Android/iOS/PC with Mod apk and Hacks

Kick the Buddy is a very interesting game that has been specifically designed for the kids aged above 13 years. It is an arcade game where you have a rag-doll and a wide range of weapons and other stuff. So, you have to aim at the rag-doll to kill her by using these weapons and other objects. Surprisingly, when you are successful in killing the doll, you get points money. The more complicated levels are those when you try to kill the doll with more complex items and killing the doll is more difficult. It gives you high points. There are many locked levels. When you are successful in completing one level, you are upgraded to the next level. Some parents object to the game and they do not want their children to play it as they consider it a game full of torture. This is true somehow and that’s the reason that the developer has set an age limit of 12 years for the player. If you are below 12 years, you cannot play it.

Kick the Buddy Fun Game

Salient Features of Kick the Buddy

It is a stress-releasing game where you practice hitting at the right place. It increases the concentration. It is the best game for the people who have the diversion of thoughts. By practicing this game time and again, you feel that you can concentrate even on little things without losing your attention. So, it is a useful game for the students with diversity in thoughts.

It raises the confidence of your child when he considers the ragdoll an evil spirit and he tries to destroy her by using the fire, weapons, bombs and heavenly powers. Even you have an option to kill your target by using the nuclear bomb. This is what makes your child more confident about his abilities and he gets a chance to prove his efficiency by getting success in the game.

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The game does not contain action, fights and combats. So, your kids remain far from the action games while playing this game. It does not contain any temptation towards alcohol and other bad factors. You do not worry about the kind of games your child is playing. It has been built for educational purpose and the child learns how to hit the right point with different objects.

The game is free to download and install but Kick the Buddy includes some in-app purchases. You can buy the buckets and coins by spending the hard money. You can also buy some objects that could hit the doll sharply, for example, the tools kit and fire material.

The game needs an active internet connection while you play the game. If you are playing it offline, it will freeze now and then when you try to kill the rag-doll time and again. It happens because whenever you hit successfully, the game tries to connect with the server and it fails in connecting. So, it freezes. That’s why it becomes necessary to play the game with an active internet connection.

Kick the Bucket Fun with Friends

File Information

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How to Download & Install Kick the Buddy apk

This interesting game of hitting and harming for earning bucks is available absolutely free. You can download the game by using the “Download” option at the end of the post.

It starts downloading. Once the download is over, tap the downloaded apk file and select “Install” option from the bottom of the page.

It starts the installation process that takes about two minutes or so. Just select “Open” once the installation is over.

It opens the game and you can play to earn money and to increase your concentration level. It builds your moral and makes you more competent to show your abilities. So, play this fun game to kill your boredom.

Tips and Tricks to Win Kick the Buddy

This rebooted version of the Old School has the same old gameplay. In the game, you get points to pull the nose, legs and even the arms of the ragdoll. You can tap the doll to beat him bitterly. You can kill the doll by using a wide range of weapons to get more points. However, there are some tips and tricks to get a lot of points and to get success in short time. Here they are.

Use the weapons cunningly. There are some weapons that can give you high points. Use them and avoid using the less important weapons. For example, if you are using the machine gun, it can give you high points. If you are using the flaming jack-o-lanterns or missiles, you can earn incredibly higher points. So, use the weapons that give you good earning.

If you want to buy a weapon, don’t spend your point money on it. In this way, you will have nothing at the end of the game. Just try to buy the weapons by using some other way. The other way includes watching ads. You can buy the weapon if you watch five ads. So, your buckets are safe and secure and you buy your desired weapons too. Be wise and save what you have earned.

Try to use a weapon uniquely. If you are using a weapon for a long time, it will start decreasing the number of coins you earn. So, your earning becomes less and less gradually. That’s why you need to use a weapon for maximum 4 to 5 times and then try another weapon. In this way, your earning will be doubled.

When you log in and play the game on a daily basis, it gives you one login reward daily. So, daily login gives you more and more points and your bucks range reaches from 300 to 2000 within a few days. If you keep logging in regularly for 15 days, it gives you more than 5 thousand bucks in this short time period. Moreover, it gives you gold though, the very small amount of the daily rewards. You also get some small weapons in the daily rewards. These weapons include Torch, Snail and X-Ray, etc.

You can buy the Gold and bucks by spending the hard money too. If you want to buy the gold, you need to spend $0.99 to buy 100 to 1000 gold tiles and bucks.

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Asphalt 9 Legends apk with Compressed Data and no License Verification [Android/iOS/Windows]

Asphalt 9: Legends, developed by Gameloft Barcelona is a car racing game where you experience the real car racing on the real regions and the real vehicles. The game is launched on 25th July 2018.

Asphalt 9 Legends Real Cars

Salient Features of the Game

Unlike its predecessors, it comes with a lot of improvements in the controls, graphics and visuals. The predecessors were not having the vivid graphics including the immersive look of the raindrops, snowflakes and the tire marks on the road, etc.

The game can be played on any Android phone, but it is recommended to play the game on the latest or only two generations old phone. For example, if you want to play the game without lags, you should have LG G6, iPhone 7, Galaxy S7 or OnePlus 3T for the best visuals and controls.

The game comes with the exceptional controls. In the predecessors, your major focus was on the car. In this game, you will focus on the action rather than on the car because the car shows the real moves and turns automatically. In controlling the car, your major focus will be on the controls such as the direction of the car, nitro and the drifting, etc.

Multiplayer Game

Moreover, the swiping on the screen can make you more dependent on the direction of the car. If you swipe the screen, you can make the car jump over the racks. So, taking nitro becomes more interesting and swiping gives you a refreshing feeling while doing intense racing.

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The graphics are intensive in Asphalt 9: Legends and your phone may become heated up. But who cares when an addictive car racing game has grabbed your attention.

The Career Mode of the game comes with 80 races and 60 seasons. You have to win the race against 7 best drivers of the world. In fact, you are facing the most fearless drivers of the world in the game and you need to be fearless and experienced with excellent driving experience in different areas.

You can customize your car with your favorite color and material. You can pick an attractive color for your car. Moreover, you can add more carbon parts to the car to make it rasher for the racing.

Customization of Cars

It has a vivid choice of vehicles for you. You select a car with real features that create the real car racing scenario before your eyes and even you feel yourself a part of the game while playing it.

It is not only available for Android but also available for iOS devices and Windows PC.

File Information

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How to Download & Install Asphalt 9 Legends

Make sure you are using a Wi-Fi internet connection. If you are using Mobile data, it will consume a large number of MBs because it is a huge file of 1.5GB.

Have some patience as the file will take some time in downloading. Meanwhile, you can play another game or watch your favorite TV show to kill the boredom.

Once the download is over, tap the “Open” option appears at the bottom of the screen to go to the downloaded link.

Tap the link and select the “Install” option to start the installation of the game.

Wait for a while until it is installed.

Now, tap “Open” to launch the game. Enjoy being a fearless driver.

Data file below:

Tomb of the Mask apk for Android/PC – Mod version with Data

Tomb of the Mask is a challenging arcade game that reminds you of “PAC-MAN.” It comes in the same style. But the mode of the game is a bit faster and you use your agility to cover up this fast mode. If you want a relaxing game, it is not for you. If you enjoy arcade games with little action and a lot of struggle to survive and to make your fortune, it is of course for you. The game comes with a lot of action and struggle.

Tomb of the Mask Action Game

How to Play Tomb of the Mask

Tomb of the Mask is a vertical labyrinth where you are directed to collect coins to get points. Some powerful dangerous forces try their best to block your way. You have to avoid them while reaching your goal. This is how you start your infinite journey towards success and collect coins. It looks very easy, but the fast mode of the game makes it difficult for you to complete this task. You need exceptional agility to complete the task. If your opponent is successful in blocking your way, you die. To ensure your survival, you need to play the game with exceptional activeness.

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Mazes of the Game

Salient Features of Tomb of the Mask

Let’s have a look at the salient features of the Tomb of the Mask to know why it has become immensely popular among the gamers.

Fast-paced action game

It is undoubtedly a fast-paced action game where you need multi-dimensional attention. You find out the right way through a labyrinth, you keep collecting the coins and you avoid the opposing forces that could attack you at any time. It is very important to keep yourself attentive at all the levels.

Infinite Journey

Some games have a few levels; some have hundreds of levels, but the Tomb of the Mask offers you an infinite journey. You start your journey but you do not know where it will end. On the way you face difficulties. Even very powerful opponents try to block your way, but you keep on going ahead cunningly. All you need is agility, attention and cunningness to cover more and more journey. The journey never ends and you enjoy beating your opponents here and there.

Test your Skills

The game tests your skills, stamina and cunningness. On the way, you face anonymous obstacles. They may be already visible or a bolt from the blue. It is the test of your skills that how you avoid them and you survive in the most unfavorable circumstances.

Free Arcade Game with Paid Add-ons

It is a free arcade game. You do not need to pay even a single penny to play it. However, if you want to get an add-on, you need to pay some money for that. For example, if you want to remove the ads pop-up during the game, you need to pay $0.99 for that. If you want a bag full of coins, you need to pay $5.99. To get a Wagon of Coins, you need to spend $49.99. In the same way, you purchase more add-ons in the game.

Available for Different Platforms

It was initially released for iOS devices. But now it is available for the Android devices too. Now the Android users can also get its apk and can play it on their Android phones and tablets.

Attractive Graphics

The retro-styled graphics made the game very attractive and you love this arcade game with hectic action. It impresses you with the fast-paced action.

Tomb of the Mask Mazes

About the File

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How to Download & Install Tomb of the Mask

Once the download is over, just open the downloaded link and tap it.

It shows you an option “Install.” You need to select it and have a chill.

When the installation is over, you will see an option “Open.” You need to select it to launch the game.

That’s it, guys! Now get ready for an unlimited journey where you need a fast-paced action to survive.

Just tap the “Download” option given below. It will start downloading the Tomb of the Mask apk automatically.

Tomb of the Mask for Windows PC

If you are using Windows PC and you want to play Tomb of the Mask on your PC, it needs an Android Emulator like BlueStacks that could transform your Windows PC in the Android-like atmosphere. There are many other emulators you can use for this purpose, but I prefer it due to its efficiency and updated features. Just download this emulator from Here.

It is a heavy file and takes about 5 to 10 minutes to complete the downloading process mainly depend on your internet speed.

Once the downloading is over, just install it by following the on-screen instructions.

Now download the “Tomb of the Mask apk” from the link given above and enjoy it on your Windows PC.

PLANK! Game apk for Android and Windows PC

If you love accepting challenges, just another challenging game with new trends is here. You will love playing this addictive game. It is known as PLANK and you can find it on the Google Play Store. It is full of entertainment and you have to face endless challenges to get rewards and points. It has many levels. You will cross one after the other if playing wisely.

PLANK Android game

Salient Features of PLANK!

It is a very simple game.

It is an addictive arcade game where you keep creating planks wisely.

It is a free game and you can get it without spending even a single penny. However, the rewards are not free. You have to get them either by spending money or by playing wisely. Now the choice is yours.

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You get different rewards that unlock the next levels if you play well.

Create planks

The game is compatible with all Android devices including Android phones and tablets.

The game is regularly updated and the latest version of the game 1.0.2 comes with some improvements and bug fixes the users were facing in the previous versions.

File Information

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How to Download & Install PLANK!

It is full of fun game. You need to follow a few steps to download it.

Click the tab given below to download the PLANK! Apk.

The file is in compact sized and downloads in no time.

Once the downloading is over, you need to tap “Open” to go to the downloaded link of the game.

As you select the link, you will see “Install” option at the bottom of the page. Tap to this option.

It starts the installation process.

Once it is finished, you need to tap “Open” to launch the game.

How to Play PLANK!

The game starts with an easy mode. In a few initial levels, the game is very simple and easy so that you understand the method of creating and putting the planks well. Later, it becomes more and more complicated.

Just create a plank with specific length to make sure your hero crosses the space between two buildings easily. If you have created a short-length plank, it will make your hero fell down from the building and you lose the game. If the length is longer than the desired point, it will make your hero walk across the building to fell down ultimately and you lose the game.

Planks building

This is how you learn to manage the length of the plank. You can’t win the level until you create a plank with an appropriate length.

When you get enough rewards, you will see some other characters will join your hero in this challenging way. You keep playing wisely and new levels are unlocked for you. So, by creating planks of appropriate lengths, you will get higher scores.

That’s it, guys! Now you need to be active to play your favorite game. It needs an extra wisdom and strategy. So, be wise and create appropriate planks to make your hero win the game.