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Zapya famous as Kuai Ya in Chinese is an amazing way of the sharing your documents and multimedia files from one Android phone to another. It has been designed by Wang Xiao, Shangpin and Steve Gu to facilitate initially the Chinese people. But due to its amazing features, it became immensely popular in the neighboring countries such as Pakistan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. The major purpose of introducing this app was to share the files without using the internet connection as the Asian countries come with a poor internet connection and it becomes a hectic job to share bulky documents and media files with each other without using the net volume. The only requirement for transferring the files is a Wi-Fi enabled Android device.

Zapya File Transferring Tool

Salient Features of Zapya

Let’s have a glance over the prominent features of Zapya to have first-hand knowledge about this renowned app.

Free of Wi-Fi Usage

It does not need any Wi-Fi connection to transfer the files between two Android devices. However, the presence of Zapya app on both the devices is necessary. Just open the app on both the phones, tap “Sending” on the one and “Receiving” on the other phone and that’s it. It does not need even the net data. So, Zapya saves your MBs and transfers the files without using the MBs of your internet data volume. You can share your desired files more conveniently.

Incredibly Faster

The app is incredibly faster. It works 30 times faster than the Bluetooth device. The Bluetooth device fails to transfer the heavier files and large videos. It does not happen when you are using Zapya. It works amazingly faster than any other file sharing app and transfers your desired files even the larger ones rapidly. The bulky apps, huge documents, games and heavier multimedia files are easily shareable by using Zapya.

Zapya Phone Replicate

Another amazing feature of this Chinese app is Phone Replicate. It creates a backup of your important files and data and shares it with another mobile. Just use this feature if you are going to change a handset. Create a backup of your contacts, messages and documents in the old phone and transfer it to the new phone by using Zapya.

Huge Data Files

It does not matter what kind of files you are going to share with your buddies. You can share the media files, documents, spreadsheets, PDF files, apps and games and even the videos with your friends sitting under the same roof.

Watch media files

User Group Sharing

An amazing and noteworthy feature of Zapya is the User Group Sharing. You can share the file with a group of your buddies at the same time by using this feature. Let say! You have to send a project file to five people urgently. You can share with all of them instantly by using this option. It works the best if the number of users is below or up to 5.

Unlimited Shares

The app does not come with a restricted sharing of files. You can share unlimited files daily with your friends and colleagues. It does not experience any problem. The sharing is simple and fast and lets you feel comfortable due to its speedier performance.

Free Sharing

The app is absolutely free to use. You do not need to pay even a single penny to use its features. It ensures an easy transfer of files from one to another Android phone without spending money.

Wireless Transfer of Files

In the traditional way of transferring files from your Android phone to Windows PC, you need to use a USB cable to transfer files. Zapya does not require a USB cable. You share the files from one to another device without using any wire. This wireless way of transferring files makes the sharing of data more comfortable. You can share the photos, videos, MP3 files and even the bulky files faster without using the USB wire.

Integrated Media Player

The app comes with a built-in media player that plays your favorite videos for you. The clarity of sound is its integral feature. It offers a number of videos you can download in your device and can share with your friends.

Powerful Search Function

The search function of the app is very powerful.

File Sharing without Internet

Simple User Interface

The user interface of Zapya is very simple to use. There is nothing complicated when you start using it. Just open the app. On the Home Page, you will see the “Send” and “Receive” options for file sharing. You just need to tap the required option and let the app do the rest of the things by itself. So, it is very simple to use the app and even very simple to share the files.

Supports Cross-Platforms File Sharing

It supports cross-platform file sharing too. You can share your files between an Android phone and Windows PC/phone, Windows PC/phone and iOS devices, Android devices and iOS devices, etc.

Multilingual App

It is available in all of the major languages of the world. Earlier, it was available in Chinese and English only. But due to its immense popularity among the Asian people and among the users of all over the world, it is available in French, Spanish, Russian, Persian, Italian, Indonesian, Thai, Portuguese and Vietnamese too.

File Information

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How to Download & Install Zapya apk

Just click the “Download” option at the end of the post to start the downloading of Zapya apk.

Once you receive the notification that Zapya apk is downloaded, just tap the downloaded file and select “Install” to start the installation.

It takes no time as the file is in a compact size.

As the installation is over, select “Open” to launch the app. Here is your favorite file sharing app. Experience the faster sharing and data transferring from your one device to another with great ease.

How to Download & Install Zapya for Windows PC/Laptop

You can use this amazing file transferring app for file sharing between your Android phone and Windows PC too. Here is how to download and install Zapya for Windows PC.

Click the “Download” option at the bottom of the page. It starts downloading the Zapya exe file.

It takes about half a minute to complete the downloading process.

Once it is over, click the link of the downloaded file to start Installation.

It goes on and within a few moments, you see “Open” option appearing on the screen. Click this option to move ahead.

As you click “Open”, it launches the app on the screen.

Now you can use it for sharing your important documents between Android phone and Windows PC/Laptop. Enjoy using Zapya without using the Wi-Fi or mobile data package.