Framaroot apk allows you Root and Unroot Android Devices for Free

Framaroot APK

Sometimes you need to root your Android phone and you can’t do it because it is a bit complicated process. Now it is no more complicated. There are some tools available for this purpose. Framaroot is one of them. You can use the Framaroot app to root your Android phone simply in one click. You do not need to follow the traditional long way for this. Just get this simple tool and make the rooting process too simple. The problem is that you can’t find Framaroot app on Google Play Store. So, you need to download it from any online source. It can be risky somehow as there may be a malicious tool behind the Framaroot app if you download it from an unknown site. That’s why I decided to provide you with the link of the Framaroot application APK so that, you may not face any difficulty in getting it.

What is Framaroot?

For the newbie, Framaroot is a free app for Android devices that can root it with one click. Usually, you require a PC or Laptop in the rooting process. But Framaroot does not require any PC in the case of most of the Android devices. However, some Android devices require a PC. It is very simple to use. Just download the tool on your Android device and start using it straight. If you compare it with its rival tools, you will find it at the distinguished place due to its unique features. It can be used for rooting and unrooting purposes.

Framaroot File Information

  • App Name: Framaroot
  • Latest Version: 1.9.3
  • Supported Version: Android 2.3 and later
  • File Size: 1.3MB

Download Framaroot Application apk

  1. Tap the downloaded file to start the installation. Select “Install” from the menu appears on the screen.
  2. Wait for a few moments as the installation process is going on.
  3. When it is over, it shows you the option “Open.” Select it to move ahead.
  4. That’s all guys! Now you will see the icon of the Framaroot app in the app drawer of your phone.

How to Use Framaroot App to Root Android Phone

  1. Tap the Framaroot app’s icon in the apps drawer to launch the app.
  2. It will show you that some exploits are available to root the Android device. If it is showing exploit, just select it to move ahead. If it is showing an error message that “Your device seems not vulnerable to exploit included in Framaroot,” it means your Android phone cannot be rooted by using the Framaroot app.
  3. If it is not showing error, just go ahead to view the options. It will possibly show three options
  4. Install SuperSU
  5. Execute Script
  6. Unroot
  7. Pick one of these three options for rooting your device.

That’s it, guys! You have successfully rooted your Android phone. Now modify the system of your phone in the way you want.

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