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The best way to kill boredom or decrease the stressful moments of life is to play games. If the game is, I bet you could never feel boredom while playing this addictive game. It mesmerizes you completely and you could not come out of its charm for many days. Basically, it has been developed for iOS devices, but the Android device holders can also get its apk on their Android device to enjoy playing this addictive game. However, don’t try to search it on the Google Play Store. If you search it there, you will find a string of different apps with slightly different spellings that claim to be the real but it is fake. These may be having copied images from the real game by Voodoo. So, don’t try to download any of them by putting your correction personal information there.

What is

It has been developed by Voodoo, the French publisher for fun and for building the creative skills in people. It is all about competing with the black holes on a given map. To grow your size you need to eat the people and objects present in your surroundings. As you keep eating the larger objects, you get points. If you want to outrank your opponents, just show agility and keep eating the objects as much as you can in lesser time. If you play quickly and eat bigger things and swallow everything in sight, you beat your opponents.

How to Download & Install

If you do not have an iPhone or iOS device, you can’t use ApowerMirror app for mirroring the screens of your iPhone and Android phone. The users with the only Android device may be feeling deserted but no worries at all. Here is the apk file you can download in your Android device and you can play the game for as much time as you like.

Click the link given below to download apk.

Once the download is over, you need to tap the “Install” tab at the bottom of the page.

Wait for a few moments. As the installation is done, tap “Open” to launch the game. That’s all guys! You can enjoy playing your favorite game on your Android device.

How to Win

Here, I am going to give you some useful tips to win

When you open the game, you will see the map where different objects, lamps, trees, cars, parks and houses lie. If you memorize the map, it will be greatly beneficial for you to win the game. You will be familiar with the locations where more objects lie and the locations that are empty ones.

Don’t target the cars, trees and streetlights at the first stage of the game. These are bigger objects. If you try to target the cars, they are bigger than your hole. The trees and streetlights take much time in consuming. So, focus on minor items.

In the second and third stage, you will be bigger enough to swallow trees and cars. So, focus on them. Moreover, if your size has grown sufficiently, just swallow other small holes on these stages to get more points rapidly.

On the next stages, you need to keep moving around the parks where you can find the parking lots with a lot of cars and other vehicles. One big park can be seen on the top left corner of your map and the other one is located at the center of the map. So, move towards them to grow bigger. Now, you can start swallowing bigger holes.

Avoid chasing the moving vehicles as it can waste your time. In every stage, you are given two minutes time limit to grow your size. The time is short and the target is high. So, move fast all around to consume the bigger things to get a bigger size and high points.

Avoid coming in the range of bigger holes than yourself. It can freeze you for the next five seconds and thus, your five minutes are a total waste.

Move to the parks quickly as the parks contain a large number of benches, fences, people and trees. The arrows are more important to grab your attention as they will let you know where you will find other players. So, don’t move to that direction as it will be already a cleaned area because other players have swallowed all things from these locations.

How to Get on PC?

If you want to install on PC, don’t be disappointed, you can still play the on your Windows PC. For downloading and installing on Windows PC, you need to use Apower Mirror app. For a newbie, let me explain about ApowerMirror. It is a cross-platform app that mirrors the screen of the Android phone and the other device that may be a Windows PC or an iOS device. It creates an appropriate atmosphere in Windows PC/Android device and you can play any iOS game or use an iOS app on your Android device. Let’s see how it works on Windows PC to create a suitable atmosphere for this iOS game.

You need a Windows PC, A USB cable, Fast WiFi connection and an Android phone for this purpose.

Download ApowerMirror from Here on your Android and Windows PC.

Make sure both of the PC and the Android phone have been connected to the same WiFi network. Connect your Android phone with the PC via USB cable.

Once it is downloaded, open the app on both of the devices. Make sure you have turned on the “USB debugging” function on your Android phone. Click the option “Allow from this computer” and select “OK” at the bottom.

Now open the ApowerMirror app on the computer and on your Android phone. Click “Start Now” button on the Android and wait for a while until the app completes the mirroring process of the phone with your PC.

Once, the screen mirroring process is complete you can launch the game on your Windows PC and start playing it.

You can use the same method for mirroring the screens of your iOS device and the Android device. Use the iOS device instead of the PC for screen mirroring with the Android phone and play this iOS game on your Android device.

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