PLANK! Game apk for Android and Windows PC

If you love accepting challenges, just another challenging game with new trends is here. You will love playing this addictive game. It is known as PLANK and you can find it on the Google Play Store. It is full of entertainment and you have to face endless challenges to get rewards and points. It has many levels. You will cross one after the other if playing wisely.

PLANK Android game

Salient Features of PLANK!

It is a very simple game.

It is an addictive arcade game where you keep creating planks wisely.

It is a free game and you can get it without spending even a single penny. However, the rewards are not free. You have to get them either by spending money or by playing wisely. Now the choice is yours.

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You get different rewards that unlock the next levels if you play well.

Create planks

The game is compatible with all Android devices including Android phones and tablets.

The game is regularly updated and the latest version of the game 1.0.2 comes with some improvements and bug fixes the users were facing in the previous versions.

File Information

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How to Download & Install PLANK!

It is full of fun game. You need to follow a few steps to download it.

Click the tab given below to download the PLANK! Apk.

The file is in compact sized and downloads in no time.

Once the downloading is over, you need to tap “Open” to go to the downloaded link of the game.

As you select the link, you will see “Install” option at the bottom of the page. Tap to this option.

It starts the installation process.

Once it is finished, you need to tap “Open” to launch the game.

How to Play PLANK!

The game starts with an easy mode. In a few initial levels, the game is very simple and easy so that you understand the method of creating and putting the planks well. Later, it becomes more and more complicated.

Just create a plank with specific length to make sure your hero crosses the space between two buildings easily. If you have created a short-length plank, it will make your hero fell down from the building and you lose the game. If the length is longer than the desired point, it will make your hero walk across the building to fell down ultimately and you lose the game.

Planks building

This is how you learn to manage the length of the plank. You can’t win the level until you create a plank with an appropriate length.

When you get enough rewards, you will see some other characters will join your hero in this challenging way. You keep playing wisely and new levels are unlocked for you. So, by creating planks of appropriate lengths, you will get higher scores.

That’s it, guys! Now you need to be active to play your favorite game. It needs an extra wisdom and strategy. So, be wise and create appropriate planks to make your hero win the game.

Free Download SHAREit apk for Android/PC – All old & Latest Versions

SHAREit, as the name suggests, is used for file sharing from one device to another. Well, there may be a wide range of file transferring tools, but Shareit works in the best way due to some particular features you can find only it this tool. Let’s cast a look on its salient feature to know why it is distinguished among all.

Shareit Connections

Salient Features of SHAREit

It quickly transfers the files between two devices. The transfer speed is incredibly faster. If you compare its speed with that of the Bluetooth, it is 200 times faster. Under some optimum conditions, it works with 20 Mbps.

It works for cross platforms. You can share the media files, documents, apps and games between Android and iOS devices, PC and iOS devices, Android and Windows PC and Android and Windows phones.

Other sharing tools support doc files or PDF files, apk or media files, but shareit comes with a unique feature. The Shareit supports all renowned file formats including Apk files, MP3, MP4, Docs and PDF files.

It connects your Android with the PC and vice versa. Just use the QR code scanning feature to establish a connection between two cross-platform devices to share files between them.

If you are using any other file transferring tool, you need an internet connection to share files. Shareit works quite differently for sharing files. It does not require any internet connection. All you need for file transfer is a device containing built-in Wi-Fi. When you start sharing a file between two devices, the built-in WiFi becomes active and the file transferring process starts.

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Besides transferring the files, it offers a wide range of multimedia files for online streaming. You can enjoy watching videos online. If you want to watch them offline, it comes with download option.

It also contains some other utilities including “Lockit for a folder lock, Cleanit for cleaning the phone memory for saving the battery and for managing apps, Cloneit for replicating MMS, SMS, music, videos and contacts from one device to another device and Listenit to play music files online etc.

It is available in 39 major languages of the world. So, you can use the tool in your native language.

Shareit File Information

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How to Download & Install SHAREit

Just tap the tab given below to start the downloading process for Shareit apk.

Once the downloading process is over, just tap “Open” to see the downloaded link.

Tap the “Install” option to start the installation. Wait for a while until it is over.

Now tap “Open” to launch the app. Enjoy file sharing and other features without wasting time.

SHAREit Home Page

Shareit for Windows PC

Shareit is absolutely compatible with the Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. It works incredibly faster than any other tool. Forget the Bluetooth and use this 200 times faster tool for a rapid sharing of your files and documents.

Just click the button below to download the Shareit on your Windows PC/desktop.

Click the link of the downloaded file and select “Open” to start the installation process.

Once it is over, you will see the Home Page of Shareit with “Connect with your Computer.” You can do so by scanning the QR code or by using the “Search Device.”

Share files with PC

This is how you can use this highly beneficial tool on cross-platforms.

Download PUBG Mobile apk for Android with Data [Official/English]

PUBG battle royale

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is known as PUBG. This is an online multiplayer battle royale game by PUBG Corporation. The game is the result of the inspiration from Battle Royale movie. Up to 100 fighters are dropped on an 8 x 8 island. The only purpose they have is to survive while killing all other fighters with the available weapons. The only survivor by the end of the game is called the winner of the battle. It is a very interesting game that grabs your attention and involvement fully. This player VS player action game provides you with the chance to survive cunningly in a society where you have cut-throat competition with all other players.


This action game follows a huge battle royale where you start your fight without any weapon with all of the ninety-nine enemies. However, as you start killing the enemies, you get the vehicles, armour, different weapons and even the safeguards. At the beginning of the game, the only option you have is to select your costume that does not make you win or lose the game anyhow. When you kill a person, you get all his gears, weapons and bonuses. So, you cannot choose but fight till the death comes to you or your opponent. As the game goes on, you will enjoy the complicated and difficult situations. For example, some regions of the island have been highlighted in red and they are bombed. So, these red zones are dangerous for the fighters who are present there. They are warned continuously to leave the area as soon as possible. So, you face two bolts from the blue now. You have to survive while killing your opponents cunningly and you have to shift from the red zone to a safe place of the region. The game was initially launched with simple weapons and armors, but now it has been updated with the latest weapons to make the fighters more involved in the game.

Bonus & Rewards

When you complete one round, you are awarded the in-game currency as the bonus. The bonus is based on how long you have survived and how many opponents you have killed in short time. The bonus and reward money can be used to purchase the crates full of cosmetic items for you. However, you can spend this money to replace the weapons and armors too.


Initially, it was released for Windows users. However, it is available now for some other platforms including the iOS, Android and Xbox.

How to Download & Install PUBG app

Follow the below steps to install app on your Android device:

  1. Before moving ahead, you need to go to the “Settings” on your Android device.
  2. Select the “Lock Screen & Security” from here.
  3. Enable the option “Unknown Sources” from here. If you do not enable it, the system will not let you install the PUBG APP in your phone.
  4. Just click the downloaded file to start the installation.
  5. It needs a few clicks to finish the installation.
  6. That’s it, guys! Now you can enjoy playing your favourite game.

Salient Features of PUBG

The PUBG for the mobile version is not an unofficial one. Of course, it is an official version where you fight with 99 opponents on an 8 x 8 km island to survive. It teaches you to use different weapons and vehicles tactfully. The play zone is shrinking gradually and you have to fight this battle until the end of all players.

High-Quality Graphics

The game comes with a very powerful Unreal Engine 4 to create the inspiring visual experience with the realistic effects of every scene. While playing the game, you feel that you are facing the real enemies by using the real weapons. Everything comes with rich detail and high-definition map for this Battle Royale game.

HD Audio

The audio quality is up to the mark. The immersive 3D sound effects in the game make you feel the real battle and real fight with your opponents. The HD sound does not let you blink your eyes and keep you in its Trans for a longer time.

Realistic Weapons

The weapons are not artificial ones. You are provided with the original lethal arsenal of firearms, the realistic ballistics to throw the melee weapons and the travelling vehicles are even more real. You can use the weapons until you are killing cunningly.

Stylish Travelling

You get a wide range of vehicles including the motorcycle, car, truck and boat to search your enemies on the island. Now, it’s up to you to select the right vehicle to race with them and to bluff them on different occasions.

Team Up with Mates

You can team up with your friends to survive the battle. You can coordinate the battle plan with your friends via voice chat and build a perfect team to win the game.

Fair Gaming Environment

Powerful graphics and HD audio with the realistic weapons, theme and the rewards help create a fair gaming environment where you have an unending fun with your friends.

Recommended Specs

You need an Android device running on Android 5.1.1 or above.

You need at least 1GB space in the phone.

You require at least 2GB RAM for installing it.

Beware! If you are using a phone with less than 5” display, it is too hard for you to play the game and to win the battle is almost impossible.

What’s New in the Latest Edition of PUBG?

You have a choice to play the game in the 3rd person perspective or in the 1st person perspective.

The game has a better looting system now. If you want to take the risk of good looting, you can go to the bigger cities and towns where you will find more number of players.

The controls are well-balanced and very easy. The “auto-aim” feature lets you aim any player very easily. It is for the beginners who want to play the game in easy mode. But the players who want to play a hardcore game will dislike it.

The action becomes quick and useful because of dual shooting buttons.

Weapons are well-balanced. The only con you see is that sometimes you are landed in the medium zone where you have to face a lot of opponents and you are given only a pistol. Well! The hardcore game lovers will love playing this challenging situation too.

The latest addition in the game is the “mini-zone” that shrinks the map and you get more resources and air drops.

  • Pistols come with their own UI.
  • You can destroy the tires of vehicles with Melee weapons.
  • You can view the post-match results on the screen.
  • You can gift any item from the store to your friends.
  • The room cards have been added to the game.
  • You can link the game to Facebook and Twitter.
  • The shop comes with a variety of new items.

Spotify Premium apk for Android/iOS – with working Mod [No Root]

Spotify needs no intro as it is the most famous digital music and video streaming service for the users around the globe. You can listen to your favorite songs by using this app. It contains millions of music albums in MP3 and MP4 formats. It comes in two versions. The free version does not access you to all of the alluring features of the app while the Spotify Premium ensures your access to all of its features. Let’s see how it is different from other music streaming apps available online.

Spotify Premium App

Salient Features of Spotify Premium

In the free version, you will find 96kbps bitrate audio quality in a mobile phone. It reaches up to 160kbps if you are using a desktop. However, in the Spotify Premium, the audio quality goes up to 320kbps in mobile and desktop. This superior audio quality makes the app worth considering.

In the library, you access more than 40 million songs and videos. The library is regularly updated and you get alerts for new releases. The updated content appears on the home page in the Most Recent category.

It is available for all platforms including the Android operating system, Windows OS, Smart TVs, iOS Devices, PS3 and PS4.

In other video streaming apps, you may be disturbed by the appearance of too many ads that becomes annoying if exercising continuously. It does not happen in Spotify premium. You see no ads, no promotional content and even no other interruption while you are listening to your favorite MP3 or MP4 music.

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It allows you to play the music online or to get it downloaded in your mobile if you want to listen to it any other time. The offline listening is not available in many other live music streaming apps, but Spotify premium ensures offline listening for your convenience.

If you do not like a song, you want to skip it that is not possible in Spotify freemium. But Spotify premium allows you to skip as many songs as you want. So, it is solely to play the music of your choice. You do not need to listen to the music you do not like.

Spotify Premium comes with Radio where you can enjoy a wide range of radio channels from all over the world. The Radio features with different categories including Blues, Christian, Classical, Comedy, Folk, Club/House, Indie, Jazz, Latin, Pop, and the old music from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, etc. You will find many other choices in the Radio section. A large queue of radio programs, discussions, comedy programs and much more entertainment is waiting for you.

Spotify Radio Channels

You can find a wide range of videos that can be listened to online and offline.

The Daily Mix feature enables you to refresh your day with different styles of music that is updated on the daily basis. It mixes different genres of music to entertain the people with different tastes.

Spotify “Your Library” feature saves automatically your choices in the Library. You can watch them anytime later.

Your Library Feature

The Search function is very powerful where you need to add a few words about a video or song to get it. You can search by the name of the song or by the artist name too.

File Information

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How to Download & Install Spotify Premium

Just select the download button given below to start downloading Spotify Premium apk.

It takes half a minute to complete the downloading process as the file is only 36.46MB.

Now select “Open” to see the downloaded link.

Tap “Install” at the bottom to start the installation process.

It takes a minute or two and your Spotify Premium is ready to use.

You have different ways to create an account on Spotify Premium. If you are a Facebook user, just use your Facebook account details to login Spotify premium. If you are using Google account, just use that ID and password to move ahead.

That’s it. Now you will see the Home Page of Spotify where you can select the music recently updated on it or browse your favorite music files.

TubeMate apk for Android/PC – New/Old Versions available to Download

TubeMate is a very interesting Android app that is also available for the PC users. It is famous for its high downloading speed in spite of the slow speed of the internet. It enables you to download YouTube videos in High Definition quality. You can also download the latest 4k videos by using this amazing app. It comes with loads of features. Here, I am going to discuss only the most prominent among them.

TubeMate Video Downloader

Salient Features of TubeMate

It downloads the videos not only from the YouTube but also from other social networking sites.

It comes with a built-in media player that plays your videos in HD quality.

If you intend to download any video in MP3 format, TubeMate does it for you. You can convert any MP4 video into MP3 within a few seconds.

You do not need to worry about the resolution of the video you are going to download. TubeMate does this job for you too. When you start the downloading process for any video, it shows you various choices of the resolutions including Full HD 1920 x 1080, HD 1280 x 720 and General 640 x 360.

For example, if you have Galaxy S2 phone, the resolution will be automatically “Full HD” and the high-end phones will have an HD resolution.

Video Resolution in TubeMate
It works in a dual way for the user. If you are downloading a video in any other video downloader, it does not allow you to play any other video at the same time. In TubeMate, you have a choice. You can download the video and play the video at the same time.

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You can download multiple videos at the same time. If one video is still downloading, other videos will be in a queue and will be automatically downloaded one after the other.

If a video is showing downloading failed message time and again, you have the option to “pause” the video downloading process for downloading it later.

Whenever an update is available, TubeMate automatically installs it without disturbing you again and again.
It is an absolutely free video downloader tool that is available not only for Android users but also for PC users.
It downloads videos from YouTube, Youku, DailyMotion, Facebook and many other social networking sites supporting HTML5 video services.

The easier user interface of the software does not make you taken aback. You can use it with great comfort.

You will love its drag and drop feature that works simply to download your favorite videos.
The internal MP3 + MP4 player of the tool plays the videos and audios without buffering.

The search function of the tool is very powerful. You can search for any video by typing a few words in the search bar and it shows accurate results. The Voice search is also enabled in it.

The app also includes a “Forward” button. Moreover, it contains a “File Transfer” feature. You can transfer file from one to another Android device.

File Transfer Feature TubeMate

Last, but not the least is that you can edit the URL easily.

TubeMate File Information

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How to Download & Install TubeMate

Just tap the button below to download the TubeMate apk.

When the apk is downloaded, tap “Open” at the bottom.
It shows you the “Install” option at the bottom of the page. Just tap it to start the installation process.
Wait for a while until it completes.
Tap “Open” to launch the app.

How to Use TubeMate

When you have opened the app, you will see the “Search” bar at the top of the Home Page. Type here the video title or at least a few words from the title and press “Enter” to move ahead.

Select the right video from the search results and click the “Download” icon given below the video.

It shows you a few resolution choices. Go with the selected choice and select “Download” below.

The video starts downloading.

By default, every video is going to be saved in your Phone’s memory, but you can change the choice and the videos can be saved directly to the SD card.

VidMate apk Download Free Latest Version for Android/PC – Older versions too

If you intend to download videos from Facebook or YouTube, you will be surely looking for an app that could do the download services from these social networking sites for you.  VidMate does this job quite free. Initially, it was released for the Android users and it became immensely popular among them. If you are a Windows PC holder, no worries at all! You can also use this unrivaled video downloader. Let’s dive deep to know about the salient features of this high-quality tool.

VidMate Video Downloader

Features of VidMate

It plays the videos in the HD quality.

You can download the movies and series from DailyMotion, Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook.

This free app offers you unlimited downloading. You can download millions of songs and movies without a break by using it.

Similar apps:

It offers live TV with more than 200 TV channels around the world. You can watch your favorite Sports, News, Kids channels and even the entertainment channels from around the globe.

VidMate HomePage

It downloads the desired stuff quickly. The speed is 200% faster than that of its rival multimedia downloading apps

The app has an admirable rating on Google Play Store. Even all of the rival apps including Ummy Video Downloader can’t come close to this renowned app in features.

The interface of the tool is very easy to use. You can easily navigate through the interface. All of the important features visibly lie on the main page.

Unlike its rival tools, it allows you to download multiple movies/videos at a time.

It is available for different Operating Systems including Android, iOS and Windows.

It supports all of the famous video formats. So, you can download a video in any format.

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How to Download & Install VidMate

Just click the button given below to download the VidMate apk.

  1. It is a compact sized file and you can download it within half a minute. Moreover, due to its compact size, it does not occupy much space in your phone’s memory.
  2. Once the downloading is over, just tap the download link of apk and tap “Install” that appears at the bottom of the screen.
  3. It starts the installation process.
  4. When it is finished, an option appears “Open.” Just tap this option to launch the downloader.
  5. It appears on the screen. It works quite smoothly. You can watch online TV without buffering.

VidMate Categories

VidMate apk for iOS Devices

It is available on iTunes for the iOS devices. If you are an iPhone user, just go to the iTunes and download the VidMate from there. It is an absolutely free app.

VidMate for Windows PC

If you want to install VidMate on Windows PC, you need to download an Android Emulator for this purpose. Android Emulator like BlueStacks transforms your Windows PC in an Android-like atmosphere and lets you run the Android apps on Windows PC without any problem.

Click Here to download BlueStacks. Just double-click the link to start the installation process. It may take some time as the file is a bit heavy.

Now click the link above to download the VidMate apk on your PC. The installation process is very similar as discussed above for the Android device.

Once the installation is over, just launch the VidMate and start using it.

Download Bloons TD 6 apk for Android/PC – Latest Version with Mod

Bloons Tower Defense 6

Bloons Tower Defense is a series of 6 independent Tower Defense games designed by Ninja Kiwi. Initially, in 2007, it was launched as a browser game, but it became immensely popular among the people. So, it came in a series of other games. Now, it has become a very popular game among the users of different platforms. The people who want to spend hours and hours playing one game will surely love playing it. It is an addictive game that does not let you blink your eyes while you are playing it.

What’s New in Bloons TD 6?

The game is quite similar like its predecessor versions. The balloons (known as bloons in the game) try to reach to a set course and you have to block their way from reaching there. You do so with the help of many towers or other hurdles that could pop the bloons quickly. On popping each bloon, you get points money. So, you keep placing different towers and other items as an obstacle on the way of the bloons and keep earning money. If you are failed to prevent a bloon in reaching to a certain track for the exit, you lose your life.

However, the game contains some new mechanics such as various new types of bloons, new towers and updated path for every monkey. Do you remember DDTS that appeared in the earlier versions of the game? They also returned in Bloons TD 6 to make the game more challenging. The developer has introduced new Purple Bloons and they are considered give energy weapons, fire and plasma. In the same way, the creation of Fortified Bloons is another strong attraction in the game. These Bloons come with the fortifying attribution and enhance the health of the bloons. So, this game becomes more interesting and more challenging for the players.

There are three modes of the game including Easy, Medium and Hard. In every mode, there are some sub-modes. So, you can play the game on the same map in different ways. When you complete a round, you are rewarded Monkey Money. The amount of monkey money is based on the difficulty level of the game.

There are two new monkeys and 17 monkeys returned from the predecessors. So, total 19 monkeys help their five heroes to pop the bloons. In this game, these monkeys have been divided into 4 categories i.e. Primary, Military, Magic and Support.

Earlier, there were only nine maps to follow. Now, there are 21 maps to follow. You follow 9 maps on the initial stage, 6 in intermediate level and 4 at the advanced level. Moreover, there are two expert maps including in the game. If you are playing on initial maps, you are paid less Monkey Money whereas; you get more Monkey Money if playing on an expert map. So, the choice is yours.

In the entire game, there are 15 upgrades regarding the Towers with 3 paths out of the five paths. It becomes more interesting as you move to the higher level. Well! If you are playing the game for the very first time no worries at all. The game warns you timely that any Bloon has taken over the village of any monkey.

The main menu contains the Town Hall where you can see the time of your device to plan a better strategy ahead.

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How to Download & Install Bloons TD 6

Click the icon below to download the file. It is only 48MB in size but takes a couple of minutes in downloading.

  1. Wait for a while until the downloading is over. Now tap the downloaded file to start the installation.
  2. Select “Install” at the bottom of the page and it starts installing.
  3. As the installation is over, just tap “Open” and the game launches.
  4. That’s all! Enjoy your favorite game for hours and hours without an interruption.

Download Bigo Live apk for Android/iOS/PC/Laptop – Latest MOD

BIGO Live Social App

BIGO Live is one of the renowned apps used for live video streaming on social networking sites. It enables you to watch the live videos shared by your friends, broadcast the precious moments of your life and to do video chat with your relatives and mates. It allows you to make new friends from all over the world. It is getting immensely popular gradually. Recently, it has got 200 million users from all over the world. So, Bigo Live is not only an app to kill your boredom, but also a golden opportunity to broadcast your abilities and talent to make the people aware of. You can get virtual fans from all over the world and even you can get a lot of new friends from different lands of the world. It is available for different platforms. Initially, it was available for the Windows operating system, but now you can get it on your Android device.

Latest Modes

  • Two more modes have been included in the Multi-guest room.
  • 4-seat mode: You can host a small number of guests by using this mode. It is to entertain a few guests.
  • 6-seat mode: When it is your turn to host more guests, you can switch to this mode to return to the prime seat with wider capacity. The multi-guest room brings these two modes in BIGO Live where you can enjoy video and audio chat with 4 or 6 numbers of friends at the same time.

BIGO Live Main Features

Let’s cast a look on the main features of BIGO Live app to know more about the app.

Share Your Moments Live

Now, you can sing, dance, eat, travel and even tell stories to your friends live by using BIGO Live. It allows you to share all these live moments with your friends by clicking one button. It broadcasts your precious moments with your loved ones to make them aware of your activities.

Watch Live Streams

You do not need to use any live streaming app if you want to watch movies or videos. Bigo Live app streams live videos. You can search the videos by topic or location to broadcast to the social networking sites.

Multi-guest Live

Multi-guest room is a wonderful feature of this app where you can entertain multiple friends at the same time. It is used for group audio and video chat with your loved ones and temporary friends. You can play a game online with them. You can hold a party, educational discussion or know their views about any product. So, you can have more fun in the company of more people.

Match & Line

You can match your best buddies to go live together with you. It allows you to PK with your mates to enjoy the unforgettable excitement.

Find More Friends

You can search for more friends who have compatibility with your nature. You can join the people who have the same nature and thus, find new friends and enjoy their company.

Game Streaming

You can watch live streaming for games and showcase your game records such as Minecraft, CSGO, DOTA2, RoV and many others.

Exchange Virtual Rewards/Gifts

You can exchange virtual gifts and rewards. Prove your talent and get rewards and many gifts. You can exchange these gifts for cash too.

System Requirements for BIGO Live App

System Required: Android 4.0 and later

RAM: 500MB

Space: 300MB

File Information

File Name: BIGO Live

File Size: 39.0MB

Latest Version: V4.1.0

Download BIGO Live

Terrarium TV apk for Android, iOS and PC

Terrarium TV APP

With the advancement of technology, the man is able to port his TV with him anywhere in the world. Terrarium TV is such an app that streams your favourite TV shows, channels and movies on your Android phone. It converts your Android device into a compact sized TV where you can watch any of your desired TV channels or programs. It does not make any difference whether you are sitting on your lawn or travelling on the road. Your TV is always with you on your Android device and you never miss your favourite TV shows due to a busy schedule.

Terrarium TV App Salient Features

It is absolutely a free app that supports not only the Android system but also Windows Operating System. It does not require any Signup or registration that seems annoying to many users. Let’s have a look on some of the important features of the app.

It improves and audio quality. You can watch the movies in HD quality as the app comes with Full HD 1080p and HD 720p quality.

It supports all of the major languages of the world and you find multi-language subtitles.

The app contains 50+ 4K movies and shows.

Whenever a new episode is uploaded or a new movie is released, you get the notification. So, you don’t miss your favourite upcoming movies.

The user interface is intuitive and simple to use. All of the main features can be found on the homepage.

You can download your favourite content to watch it later in offline mode.

You can explore the TV shows and movies easily by using the powerful Search feature.

It has full compatibility with Fire TV and Fire Stick.

It supports Android TV and TV Box.

The app uses incredibly faster servers to stream the movies without buffering.

It is not only available for Android devices, but also for Amazon Firestick, iOS devices, Windows PC and FireTV.

The latest version of Terrarium TV app fixed a bug that can make the TV season scraping stuck.

If you are using VLC media player, you are free to add custom subtitle to your desired videos.

You can watch better quality content.

The best feature of the app is indeed the downloading of videos with subtitles easily.

Terrarium TV APK File Information

App Name: Terrarium TV

Version: 1.9.10

App size: 23.67MB

System Requirement: Android 4.1 or above


Free Space: Minimum 500MB

How to Download & Install Terrarium TV APK

Installation Guide:

  1. Before going ahead, you need to “Enable” the Unknown Sources option in Settings of Android device.
  2. Now tap the downloaded file to start the installation and select “Install” option.
  3. It takes a couple of minutes to complete the installation process.
  4. Now select “Open” to launch the app.
  5. You need to select a media player you want to use to play the movies and shows. If you do not want to select any, just tap “Cancel” at the bottom of the page.
  6. That’s it, guys! Now you are on the Homepage of the app where you can view a variety of movies and the latest shows. Enjoy watching them.

Note: If you are facing too many ads and you want to get rid of them, just go to the Settings and donate some money to the developer.

Download apk

The best way to kill boredom or decrease the stressful moments of life is to play games. If the game is, I bet you could never feel boredom while playing this addictive game. It mesmerizes you completely and you could not come out of its charm for many days. Basically, it has been developed for iOS devices, but the Android device holders can also get its apk on their Android device to enjoy playing this addictive game. However, don’t try to search it on the Google Play Store. If you search it there, you will find a string of different apps with slightly different spellings that claim to be the real but it is fake. These may be having copied images from the real game by Voodoo. So, don’t try to download any of them by putting your correction personal information there.

What is

It has been developed by Voodoo, the French publisher for fun and for building the creative skills in people. It is all about competing with the black holes on a given map. To grow your size you need to eat the people and objects present in your surroundings. As you keep eating the larger objects, you get points. If you want to outrank your opponents, just show agility and keep eating the objects as much as you can in lesser time. If you play quickly and eat bigger things and swallow everything in sight, you beat your opponents.

How to Download & Install

If you do not have an iPhone or iOS device, you can’t use ApowerMirror app for mirroring the screens of your iPhone and Android phone. The users with the only Android device may be feeling deserted but no worries at all. Here is the apk file you can download in your Android device and you can play the game for as much time as you like.

Click the link given below to download apk.

Once the download is over, you need to tap the “Install” tab at the bottom of the page.

Wait for a few moments. As the installation is done, tap “Open” to launch the game. That’s all guys! You can enjoy playing your favorite game on your Android device.

How to Win

Here, I am going to give you some useful tips to win

When you open the game, you will see the map where different objects, lamps, trees, cars, parks and houses lie. If you memorize the map, it will be greatly beneficial for you to win the game. You will be familiar with the locations where more objects lie and the locations that are empty ones.

Don’t target the cars, trees and streetlights at the first stage of the game. These are bigger objects. If you try to target the cars, they are bigger than your hole. The trees and streetlights take much time in consuming. So, focus on minor items.

In the second and third stage, you will be bigger enough to swallow trees and cars. So, focus on them. Moreover, if your size has grown sufficiently, just swallow other small holes on these stages to get more points rapidly.

On the next stages, you need to keep moving around the parks where you can find the parking lots with a lot of cars and other vehicles. One big park can be seen on the top left corner of your map and the other one is located at the center of the map. So, move towards them to grow bigger. Now, you can start swallowing bigger holes.

Avoid chasing the moving vehicles as it can waste your time. In every stage, you are given two minutes time limit to grow your size. The time is short and the target is high. So, move fast all around to consume the bigger things to get a bigger size and high points.

Avoid coming in the range of bigger holes than yourself. It can freeze you for the next five seconds and thus, your five minutes are a total waste.

Move to the parks quickly as the parks contain a large number of benches, fences, people and trees. The arrows are more important to grab your attention as they will let you know where you will find other players. So, don’t move to that direction as it will be already a cleaned area because other players have swallowed all things from these locations.

How to Get on PC?

If you want to install on PC, don’t be disappointed, you can still play the on your Windows PC. For downloading and installing on Windows PC, you need to use Apower Mirror app. For a newbie, let me explain about ApowerMirror. It is a cross-platform app that mirrors the screen of the Android phone and the other device that may be a Windows PC or an iOS device. It creates an appropriate atmosphere in Windows PC/Android device and you can play any iOS game or use an iOS app on your Android device. Let’s see how it works on Windows PC to create a suitable atmosphere for this iOS game.

You need a Windows PC, A USB cable, Fast WiFi connection and an Android phone for this purpose.

Download ApowerMirror from Here on your Android and Windows PC.

Make sure both of the PC and the Android phone have been connected to the same WiFi network. Connect your Android phone with the PC via USB cable.

Once it is downloaded, open the app on both of the devices. Make sure you have turned on the “USB debugging” function on your Android phone. Click the option “Allow from this computer” and select “OK” at the bottom.

Now open the ApowerMirror app on the computer and on your Android phone. Click “Start Now” button on the Android and wait for a while until the app completes the mirroring process of the phone with your PC.

Once, the screen mirroring process is complete you can launch the game on your Windows PC and start playing it.

You can use the same method for mirroring the screens of your iOS device and the Android device. Use the iOS device instead of the PC for screen mirroring with the Android phone and play this iOS game on your Android device.