Peggo apk: Best Youtube/soundcloud Mp3 converter for Android

Peggo DVR Tool

Peggo is a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) that enables you to record YouTube videos in MP3 and MP4 format. It also enables you to record your SoundCloud records. It comes with a wide range of catchy features to grab your attention.

Why Select Peggo?

Pego comes with some great modifications. It has a volume normalization feature to reduce the pitch of the voice that becomes irritating occasionally. It has an unwanted silence removal function that does not seem a vital part of any other DVR app. You can enjoy the integrated search function of the app.

Salient Features of Peggo App

Let’s view some key features of Peggo to let you know more about the app.

High-Quality MP3s

You do not need to set the quality of MP3s to high. It is by default enabled and all of your MP3s are recorded at the best quality.

Video Recorder

It records your desired videos from YouTube as MP4 too. The display varies from 144p to 1080p full HD. So, it is absolutely mobile-friendly and big screen friendly app that does not distort the visual quality of the recorded videos.

Silence Removal

The tool contains a built-in silence removal feature. So, it removes the silence at the starting and ending points of the videos to make it a perfect MP3 file.

Volume Normalization

Some videos come with lower volume and some with louder volume. The tool normalizes the volume in every video and audio to make it your desired video. There is no louder pitch to create an annoying situation.

Metadata Discovery

Peggo detects and adds the accurate metadata to MP3 files such as the album art, album and its release date, etc.

Supports Sub-track

It supports the sub-track of any video or audio. That means you have a choice to record full video or just a portion of the required video to a certain length such as 0:10 seconds to 1:45 minutes.

ID3 Tags

The ID3 Tags feature specifies the perfect title and the tags. The unnecessary words like full HD, 1080p, lyrics are removed by this feature.

No Ads

It is absolutely a free app. The users may be expecting too many ads in this freemium. This is not true. There are no pop-ups, no full-screen ads to irritate the users. It is an ad-free tool.

Real-time Recording

You do not need to wait to start the downloading. It starts quickly without wasting time.

Integrated Search

The search function is very powerful. Just type the name of your desired video in the search bar and here you get it. Peggo searches in depth to fetch the matching results.


You can load your desired MP3s and MP4s with one click from SoundCloud and YouTube.

Audio Quality

It records the best quality audios beyond your expectations. If you see the availability of any video’s audio at 256kbps, Peggo will record it at the same audio quality. If you have only 128 kbps audio quality for an audio file, it records the audio at 128 kbps MP3. However, most of the YouTube videos are recorded at 256 kbps MP3s.

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