PLANK! Game apk for Android and Windows PC

If you love accepting challenges, just another challenging game with new trends is here. You will love playing this addictive game. It is known as PLANK and you can find it on the Google Play Store. It is full of entertainment and you have to face endless challenges to get rewards and points. It has many levels. You will cross one after the other if playing wisely.

PLANK Android game

Salient Features of PLANK!

It is a very simple game.

It is an addictive arcade game where you keep creating planks wisely.

It is a free game and you can get it without spending even a single penny. However, the rewards are not free. You have to get them either by spending money or by playing wisely. Now the choice is yours.

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You get different rewards that unlock the next levels if you play well.

Create planks

The game is compatible with all Android devices including Android phones and tablets.

The game is regularly updated and the latest version of the game 1.0.2 comes with some improvements and bug fixes the users were facing in the previous versions.

File Information

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How to Download & Install PLANK!

It is full of fun game. You need to follow a few steps to download it.

Click the tab given below to download the PLANK! Apk.

The file is in compact sized and downloads in no time.

Once the downloading is over, you need to tap “Open” to go to the downloaded link of the game.

As you select the link, you will see “Install” option at the bottom of the page. Tap to this option.

It starts the installation process.

Once it is finished, you need to tap “Open” to launch the game.

How to Play PLANK!

The game starts with an easy mode. In a few initial levels, the game is very simple and easy so that you understand the method of creating and putting the planks well. Later, it becomes more and more complicated.

Just create a plank with specific length to make sure your hero crosses the space between two buildings easily. If you have created a short-length plank, it will make your hero fell down from the building and you lose the game. If the length is longer than the desired point, it will make your hero walk across the building to fell down ultimately and you lose the game.

Planks building

This is how you learn to manage the length of the plank. You can’t win the level until you create a plank with an appropriate length.

When you get enough rewards, you will see some other characters will join your hero in this challenging way. You keep playing wisely and new levels are unlocked for you. So, by creating planks of appropriate lengths, you will get higher scores.

That’s it, guys! Now you need to be active to play your favorite game. It needs an extra wisdom and strategy. So, be wise and create appropriate planks to make your hero win the game.

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