The Fish Master mod apk by Voodoo – with Fish List Free [Android/iOS]

The Fish Master is a recreational game that kills your boredom. If you do not like the thrilling, action games and you want to enjoy the real fishing, just install it and become a fish master. It is a pleasant game that enables you for fishing. Well! The game is very interesting. Just try to catch a lot of fish to make handsome points money. Concentrate deeply on the fish line to get success and experience. The game is all about learning fishing techniques and strategies. So, it is a strategic game where you need concentration to get more and more fish.

The Fish Master

Tips for The Fish Master

It is not hard to master the fishing art. However, if you want to get more prizes and rewards, just follow the tips below to get more points.

 Look for Rare Fish

There will be a lot of fish in the water. Almost all will be alike. You need to look for the rare fish that seems quite different from the ordinary fish. Hook the rare fish that is swimming nearby. If you prioritize the rare and unique fish, it gives you extraordinary points. Let me give you some hints about it. It will be a shiny fish with golden fins. It seems a little bit bigger than the ordinary fish.

Cheats and Tips

Perfectly Strong Line

Make sure your fish line is perfectly strong. It should be strong enough to hold a heavy fish. If you hold a weighty fish with a thin line, it may not bear the weight of the fish and consequently, you can’t hold the line perfectly and lose the game. So, a wise use of the strong line can give you more point.

Watch Particular Ads

If you catch a big fish, an ad appears on the screen. Don’t skip that ad if you want to double your points. It will add more points to your previous scores and it is truly helpful in making more earning.

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Select the Beneficial Upgrades Only

When you start playing the game The Fish Master, you are given three upgrades to buy. You need to focus on only the beneficial upgrades only. In the starting of the game, you need to upgrade the number of fish that can be caught. Then, you need to upgrade the depth that is more important to double the earnings.

The Fish Master Golden Fish

Keep the WiFi Turned On

Some players use to play this game with WiFi turned on that would stop the appearance of ads. If you see ads appearing when you catch a big fish, it will increase your earning. When you turn on the WiFi, it will stop the ads from appearing on your screen. So, make sure your WiFi is turned on when you are playing it.

File Information

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How to Download & Install The Fish Master

Click the tab below to start downloading the game.

Once it is over, click the downloaded link and tap “Install” option appears on the screen.

It takes half a minute to complete the installation process. Once it is finished, tap the “Open” option to launch the game.

Fish List:

Kanto Area
Oodeo Bay: Red Rockfish (Sea Lice)
Guuzenji Lake: Rage Trout (Stone Fly)
Koarai Beach: Rainbow Eel (Baby Lonia or Sea Lure worm)
Katsumura Bay: Sea Goblin (Broken Ladle)Chubu Area
Hamami Lake: Star Eel (Baby Lonia or Cuttlefish)
Nagaha River: Rage Trout (Stone Fly)
Manaka Lake: Pink Bass (Stone Fly)
Noyama Bay: Midnight Bream (Straw Worm)Kansai Area
Myoujin Straits: Sunrise Fish (Spoon Worm)
Godanheki Cave: Giant school of red fish (Sea Lure worm)
Hiwa Lake: Pink Bass (Stone Fly)
Chamo River: Rage Trout (Stone Fly)

Chugoku Area
Shikane beach: Fat Sea Bass (Cuttlefish)
Ootori Coast: Round Amberjack (Palolo Worm or Sea Lure S fish)
Isono Island: Midnight Bream (Palolo Worm, Straw Worm, or Prawn)
Fukuyobi Water: Devil Puffer (Possum Shrimp)

Shikoku Area
Urayama Dam: Rage Trout (Stone Fly)
Kosa Bay: Red Fish, Dragon Bonito (Prawn) Summer/Sunfish (Jellyfish) Summer (rare); Sunfish rare but not Red Fish.
Mikoto Bay: Puffer Trio (Baby Lonia)
Muwakai Offshore: Round Amberjack (Sea Lure worm)

Kyushu/Okinawa Area
Nagasaki Water: Mom In Law (Prawn)
Ookita Bay: Eye Rock Fish (Shore Crab); Winter: Ookita Horse Mackerel (Straw worm)
Hazakurajima Beach: Jumbo Parrotfish (Ghost Shrimp)
Chura ocean: Stone Puffer (Sea Lice)

Tohoku Area
Matsurgahara lake: Rage Trout (Doughball)
Monaka River: Manface Fish (Doughball or Frog)
Annri River: Water Imp (Cucumber)
Daimon Strait: Bluefin Tuna (Sea Lure worm)

Hokkaido Area
Ishihari River: Chum Salmon (Meal Worm)
Marimo Cape: Fat Sea Bass (Prawn)
Yakan Lake: Huchen (Fresh Lure Worm or Meal Worm)
Oohokku Ocean: Halibut (Sea Minnow)

Unknown Area
Rapuso Monument: Pirarucu (Freshwater set)
Blue Cave: Red Metal (Bolt)
Deppari Cape: Devil Shark (Raw meat)
Fish City: Whale Shark (Spear lure)

Enjoy the fishing experience whether sitting on your lawn or in the lounge.

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