Tomb of the Mask apk for Android/PC – Mod version with Data

Tomb of the Mask is a challenging arcade game that reminds you of “PAC-MAN.” It comes in the same style. But the mode of the game is a bit faster and you use your agility to cover up this fast mode. If you want a relaxing game, it is not for you. If you enjoy arcade games with little action and a lot of struggle to survive and to make your fortune, it is of course for you. The game comes with a lot of action and struggle.

Tomb of the Mask Action Game

How to Play Tomb of the Mask

Tomb of the Mask is a vertical labyrinth where you are directed to collect coins to get points. Some powerful dangerous forces try their best to block your way. You have to avoid them while reaching your goal. This is how you start your infinite journey towards success and collect coins. It looks very easy, but the fast mode of the game makes it difficult for you to complete this task. You need exceptional agility to complete the task. If your opponent is successful in blocking your way, you die. To ensure your survival, you need to play the game with exceptional activeness.

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Mazes of the Game

Salient Features of Tomb of the Mask

Let’s have a look at the salient features of the Tomb of the Mask to know why it has become immensely popular among the gamers.

Fast-paced action game

It is undoubtedly a fast-paced action game where you need multi-dimensional attention. You find out the right way through a labyrinth, you keep collecting the coins and you avoid the opposing forces that could attack you at any time. It is very important to keep yourself attentive at all the levels.

Infinite Journey

Some games have a few levels; some have hundreds of levels, but the Tomb of the Mask offers you an infinite journey. You start your journey but you do not know where it will end. On the way you face difficulties. Even very powerful opponents try to block your way, but you keep on going ahead cunningly. All you need is agility, attention and cunningness to cover more and more journey. The journey never ends and you enjoy beating your opponents here and there.

Test your Skills

The game tests your skills, stamina and cunningness. On the way, you face anonymous obstacles. They may be already visible or a bolt from the blue. It is the test of your skills that how you avoid them and you survive in the most unfavorable circumstances.

Free Arcade Game with Paid Add-ons

It is a free arcade game. You do not need to pay even a single penny to play it. However, if you want to get an add-on, you need to pay some money for that. For example, if you want to remove the ads pop-up during the game, you need to pay $0.99 for that. If you want a bag full of coins, you need to pay $5.99. To get a Wagon of Coins, you need to spend $49.99. In the same way, you purchase more add-ons in the game.

Available for Different Platforms

It was initially released for iOS devices. But now it is available for the Android devices too. Now the Android users can also get its apk and can play it on their Android phones and tablets.

Attractive Graphics

The retro-styled graphics made the game very attractive and you love this arcade game with hectic action. It impresses you with the fast-paced action.

Tomb of the Mask Mazes

About the File

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How to Download & Install Tomb of the Mask

Once the download is over, just open the downloaded link and tap it.

It shows you an option “Install.” You need to select it and have a chill.

When the installation is over, you will see an option “Open.” You need to select it to launch the game.

That’s it, guys! Now get ready for an unlimited journey where you need a fast-paced action to survive.

Just tap the “Download” option given below. It will start downloading the Tomb of the Mask apk automatically.

Tomb of the Mask for Windows PC

If you are using Windows PC and you want to play Tomb of the Mask on your PC, it needs an Android Emulator like BlueStacks that could transform your Windows PC in the Android-like atmosphere. There are many other emulators you can use for this purpose, but I prefer it due to its efficiency and updated features. Just download this emulator from Here.

It is a heavy file and takes about 5 to 10 minutes to complete the downloading process mainly depend on your internet speed.

Once the downloading is over, just install it by following the on-screen instructions.

Now download the “Tomb of the Mask apk” from the link given above and enjoy it on your Windows PC.

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