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After Safari and Google Chrome, the most wanted web browser is the UC Browser. It has been designed by UCWeb, the Chinese mobile internet company. It is available for not only Android operating system but also for other platforms such as for BlackBerry, iOS devices, Windows phones, Symbian and Java ME, etc. According to the company report, about 300 million mobile users prefer UC Browser that shows how much popular it is among the users. There are two versions of UC Browser for Android devices you can download from Google Play Store. They include US Browser and UC Browser Mini. Due to some privacy and security issues, it was deleted from the Google Play Store. But it reappeared within a week with better features and updated security.

UC Browser Night Mode

Salient Features of UC Browser

Let’s have a bird’s eye view of the salient features of this amazing browser to have in-depth knowledge about it.

There are some very useful in-app widgets for the users. You can access the important content in no time. These widgets include MyMP3, Train, Gmail, Mastimaza, Freecharge, YouTube and many more to organize your stuff in a lot better way on the home screen. You can use your preferred cards and just disable the ones you don’t want to use. You can customize their display and style even that you can view the headlines from your desired sites. For example, if you want to remain updated by reading the headlines on any news site, just customize the display of that site and read the news updates without opening the site. You can rearrange the widgets according to your preference. If you want to rank the shopping, jokes and music in top widgets, you can do accordingly.

The sharp light of the display becomes too much irritating when you are using the phone at night. You want a comfortable dim light that could bring your eyes to a resting position. So, UC Browser brings a comfortable soft light at night time for you in “Night Mode.” In this mode, the black icons turn grey and the white background turns into black to lessen the sharpness of the display.

The Cloud boost technology is an integral part of UC Browser. It boosts the loading speed incredibly. You can enable this technology not only for Wi-Fi connection but also for mobile data. Well! The guys having a faster Wi-Fi connection may find this feature quite useless, but it is a blessing in disguise for the users having a slower internet connection. They can enjoy a faster downloading and upload speed by using this wonderful feature.

The “Quick Access” is one of the most wanted features in any phone. UC Browser brings this feature for the users. It allows you to add the shortcuts to your favorite apps including Facebook, Messages, WhatsApp and many others. Moreover, it comes with a “Search Bar” that allows you to access your desired program in the blink of an eye. So, all of your favorite apps are in your quick access.

Customize the Widgets in UC Browser

UC Browser ensures a faster browsing by adding the Gestures in it. For example, if you swipe on the left side upside or downside, it adjusts the brightness of the screen. If you are repeating the same action on the right side, it adjusts the volume of the media file. If you are swiping from left to right and vice versa, it shows the next or previous photo/app.

An advanced download manager is an important feature of the UC Browser. The download manager comes with some prominent features to attract the users. You can download maximum six files at the same time. It shows you a notification once your downloading is over. However, you can disable this feature if you don’t want to receive any notification. It also reconnects the network automatically if it fails to download any file. So, you do not need to reconnect manually. The download manager shows you the total free space in your device. It also shows you the list of files you are downloading and the files that have been downloaded.

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An updated Video manager is a salient feature of this renowned browser. It lets you download your favorite videos quickly. You just select the video you want to watch offline and the downloading process starts. Both the Video Manager and the Download Manager come with a File Manager that has well-organized built to segregate your downloaded docs and media files properly.

Customization gives you freedom of choice in many ways. With the same feel, the developer added customization to the UC Browser. It has a huge collection of themes to get rid of the monotony of life. By default, you have only two themes to set in your Android phone but you can download a huge variety of themes to use instead of the default themes. It also gives you the option to create your personal themes by using your favorite photos.

News Personalized

Ad blocker is another very important feature of this browser. As the name suggests, it blocks the pop-ups appear on any website and do not let you read your favorite content on that site. It also gives you the list of ads it has blocked. You can delete the list and reset it if you like.

File Information

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How to Download & Install UC Browser apk

Click the “Download” option at the bottom of the page and start downloading the UC Browser apk on your Android device.

Make sure you have “Enabled” the “Unknown Resources” option in the Settings of your phone. If it is still disabled, you can’t install UC Browser apk in your phone.

Now, you need to go to the “Downloads” and tap the downloaded apk to start the installation process.

It shows you the “Install” option on the next screen. Just tap this option to proceed.

Within half a minute, it shows you the icon of UC Browser on the Homepage. That’s all guys. Now you can use this highly beneficial browser that is, in other words, your phone manager too.

UC Browser for Windows PC/Phone

If you have Windows phone or you want to use this browser for Windows PC, you can download it too. It is also available for Windows users.

File Information

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How to Download & Install UC Browser for Windows PC/Phone

Just click the “Download” button at the bottom to start the downloading process. It takes a few moments due to a compact sized file that is only 1.33MB.

Once the download is over, just click the downloaded link to start the Installation process. It takes no time and your browser is launched after installation.

Enjoy a more convenient browsing with the UC Browser and with its widgets and other features.

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