Download UKTV Now APK for Android and iPhone to watch all TV channels on your Smartphone

Now you do not need to sit before the big screen of a TV to watch your favourite TV channels, movies and shows from various countries. You can watch your desired content while driving a car or while sitting in the park far from your home or at any other place. UKTV Now app is here to make the streaming of your favourite channels possible.

UKTV Now is a very famous app that can stream live TV channels, movies and documentaries on your Android phone and tablet. This app provides you with a variety of channels from the United States, UK and Indian Sub-continent. So, you can enjoy yourself a seamless streaming of your favourite shows and movies on your phone. Since you cannot find this app on Google Play Store, I am going to provide you with a trusted link to download its APK. It is true that you need to download every APK from a trusted website as it could contain malicious software if you download it from an unknown site.

UKTV Now Channels

UKTV Now Salient Features

  • The content streaming in HD quality makes you more excited about the app.
  • You can switch the device on Chrome cast to enjoy the movies and other shows on bigger screen.
  • You can continuously watch your desired live channels from different countries around the globe.
  • UKTV Now app allows you to stream the available content in various sources. The choices have been included in the app.
  • You can bookmark your favourite content to watch them effortlessly.
  • You will not experience any annoying Ads.
  • You can search your favourite videos, movies and shows by using the built-in filters and languages.
  • The app contains more than 150 worldwide channels.
  • The channels come in different categories like Comedy, Documentary, Shows, Movies, Entertainment, Kids, News and many others.
  • It supports Android 4.1 and later to function smoothly.
  • The app includes “Upgrade to Premium” option to provide you with the access to some locked features.
  • The app comes with the lower rate of buffering to avoid annoying situations.
  • The app offers a free account to access the content. No signup is required.


  • The app offers you a vast world of portable entertainment. Take your TV wherever you are going.
  • You do not need any SignUP to play this app. Just download and start direct streaming on your Android phone or tablet.
  • The user interface is very easy even for a layman.
  • You can filter the shows, movies or other content by Type, Rating, Year of release and Genre.
  • The Search function of the app is quite powerful.


  • Sometimes you need to use the Google Open DNS to reduce the load time.

UKTV Now APK Details

App Name: UKTV Now APK

Latest Version: 8.16

Category: Video Streaming

Features: Live TV Channels Streaming

App Size: 26.7MB

Download Requirements for UKTV Now apk

Minimum System Required: Android 4.2 or later

How to Download & Install UKTV Now apk

Just click below links to download the apk. It’s for KODI, Android Smartphones and Chromecast.

Download apk below

Enable “Unknown Sources” option from the Settings of your Android phone. (Go to the Settings and tap “Security and Privacy” category. Tap the “Unknown Sources” option from here)

Now tap the downloaded link to start the installation. It will take a couple of minutes to complete the installation process.

UKTV Now APK Installation


Once the installation is over, just tap “Open” to launch the app and enjoy a variety of channels from different countries around the world.

UKTV Now Fixes

  • If you experience difficulty in streaming the UKTV Now app, just use a VPN service to run it smoothly. There are different VPN services available on Google Play Store.
  • If you are facing difficulty in streaming the UKTV Now app on a regular basis, just clear the history, Data & Cache of the app and restart the phone.
  • If the load time is irritating and prolonged, just connect to Google Open DNS. You can use any DNS Changer app to change the DNS. Download the DNS Changer application from Google Play Store.
  • If you want to ensure the smooth running of the programs, shows and movies, just keep the RAM space free up to 300MB or more.

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