Download ZArchiver Pro apk for Android/PC/iOS – Mod included

When you want to send one or more bulky files to your colleague, you can use the “Zip File” feature in the PC. The same feature works on the Android phone now. You can also use it to compress the file size so that it could be sent and received easily. ZArchiver is an Android app that is used to extract and create a compressed file. It is an amazing tool that is greatly helpful in compressing and decompressing different archive files.

ZArchiver Themes

Salient Features of ZArchiver

Here is the detail about ZArchiver features make it prominent among all of its rivals. Let’s have a close look to know more about the app.

The foremost function of ZArchiver is that it reads the file content quickly and extracts even the largest files within no time. The file size does not matter.

The app supports the following formats of the files: TAR, ARJ, LZMA, XAR, TBZ, DEB, ZIPX, 7Z, RAR, GZIP, XZ, ISO, TAR and many others for reading and extraction of files.

It is perfectly compatible with the 7Z, ZIP, GZIP, XZ, BZIP2 and TAR in creating archives in no time.

The ZArchiver also supports the password protected archives. You do not need to worry about your file’s security. Just use the ZArchiver to extract the files and to create an archive file. You will see the “Password Protection” option. Just use the option and your files are absolutely safe and secure. This is how the developer has resolved the security issue regarding the archived files if the data is sensitive.

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The file manager is another built-in feature of this app. It organizes your files in an appropriate way to make your data cluttering-free. You can easily search the archived file as the data present here is in alphabetical order. However, you can change the list order if you desire so. It gives you the option to customize the list if you want to arrange the files according to the size, ascending or descending order or date wise.

ZArchiver Important Features

Another interesting feature of the ZArchiver is the editing option. You can edit your archived files any time anywhere by using this app. It allows you to edit the file and save as it on your mobile phone or on Google Drive. It allows you to save the original file as well as the edited file in your phone. The file organizer arranges the files according to the size or the date.

If you are trying to extract 7Z or RAR format files, the app gives you a wonderful feature i.e. multipart archive. The multipart archive feature enables you to archive different parts of the file at the same time. If you want to archive a few parts only, it allows you to archive the desired parts.

If you are using another compression tool to compress your file, you can compress the entire file only. You do not find an option to compress only a few parts of the file but ZArchiver has incredible features. It comes with “Partial Compression” feature. You can use this feature to compress a few parts of a file. So, it allows you to compress not the entire file but a few portions of any file.

When you are using a free tool or service, you encounter a plethora of ads now and then. It happens with every free tool and creates an annoying situation. It does not happen when you are using this tool. There are no ads while you are compressing or decompressing the files. However, the donation option is also here if you want to donate some money to support the creator of the tool. It is not obligatory. You have the choice to donate or not to donate.

The user interface is easy and attractive. It is very simple to use. Main features of the ZArchiver can be seen in the form of icons on the Home Page.

ZArchiver Menu Settings

When you are compressing the files, you can select the compression levels as “Ultra, Maximum, Fastest, Fast or Normal. The developer ZDevs has launched the app with absolute compatibility with all Android phones.

The only con of the ZArchiver is that the tool does not read the system files without being rooted.

File Information

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How to Download & Install ZArchiver apk

You can use the ZArchiver in your Android phone regardless of the Android version you are using. It supports almost all Android versions. Follow the instructions below to download and install the ZArchiver apk in your Android phone.

Tap the “Download for Android” button given below. It will start downloading the ZArchiver. The file is in a compact size and it takes hardly a few seconds to complete the downloading process.

Once the downloading is over, it shows you an option “Open” to launch the downloading page where you can see the ZArchiver apk file.

Tap the file to extract the files. It takes a minute or two in extracting the files. Once the process is complete, tap the ZArchive extracted folder to start the installation process.

Make sure you have already “Enabled” the “Unknown Sources” option from the Settings of your phone. Otherwise it shows you the Installation blocked message as shown in the image below.

Installed Blocked

Now tap the ZArchiver apk, it shows you the “Install” option at the bottom of the page. Just select the option to proceed.

Once the installation is complete, you see the “Open” option to launch the tool.

Here, you see the tool with all of the necessary features on the main page. One more thing you will love about this app is that it does not require access to the Wi-Fi, NFC or Bluetooth of your phone. It also does not require access to the network you are using.

How to Use ZArchiver for Compression/ Decompression of files?

It is very easy to use ZArchiver for compression or decompression of files. Let me explain about both of them separately.

If you want to compress one or multiple files, select the files and right-click to select “Compress” from the context menu. It shows you the desired option and wants your consent.

Click “OK” to complete the process. That’s it. It is so simple to follow even for a newbie.

Now extract the files by following the steps below.

Just right-click the archived file and select “Extract” from the context menu. Select the location and that’s all.

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